How To Hide Photos On Samsung Without Using Any App

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Got personal images, photos on your Samsung phone that you wish to hide from spying eyes. Every person might have their own factor to hide photos. Lots of would choose third-party Apps to hide photos/pictures, however some would limit from utilizing third-party apps. Seeing current security breaches and information theft by third-party Apps, lots of mobile phone users wish to avoid utilizing third-party apps to hide individual photos/pictures. So, how to hide photos on Samsung without app?

Samsung phone users you do not need to stress, there are basic and reliable techniques using which you can hide photos/pictures on your Samsung without app. Read this short article where we have actually explained 3 techniques on how to hide photos/pictures on your Samsung without  app.

Technique 1– Hide Photos On Samsung Utilizing Inbuilt Secure Folder

Samsung phone users require no third-party Apps to hide photos/pictures or other files on Samsung gadgets. Samsung phone has actually a function called Secure Folder. This Samsung’s Secure Folder permits you to hide personal images, videos, files, even apps in a password-protected location.

Note: Some older Samsung Galaxy operating on Android 7 or lower variation might not have the Secure Folder function in it.

Initially, you require to established a Secure Folder in Samsung prior to you can hide your personal images and files To establish a safe folder follow the actions listed below:

Step-By-Step Guide To Establish Secure Folder On Samsung

Action 1— Swipe down the fast panel menu and open Settings

Action 2– Tap and open Biometrics and security

Action 3– Tap and choose Secure Folder.


Action 4– When you tap open Protected folder, you will now require to check in to your Samsung Account, enter your account qualifications, and press Sign-in or Ok

how-to-set-up-secure-folder-samsung 1 (1)

READ– If you do not have a Samsung Account select alternative to Create Account and follow the on-screen guideline and develop Samsung Account and after that check in to your Samsung Account.

Step 5– When you check in select Secure Folder lock type, you get the alternative Pattern, Pin, Password together with Finger prints, after you choose, tap Next

Action 6— Verify the lock approach, then tap Continue, when the protected folder lock is verified a faster way of the Secure folder will be contributed to the Apps and House screen, now you can simply include files and images to the Secure folder to hide them.

how-to-set-up-secure-folder-samsung 2 (1)

Now you can move your personal images and files to Secure Folder to hide them on your Samsung Phone, there are several approaches to move images to the Secure Folder, you can follow the actions offered listed below.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Move Photos To Protect Folder

Action 1: Tap and open Secure Folder on your Samsung gadget


Action 2: Tap on the 3 dots drop menu and choose Include files

hide-photo-samsung 2

Action 3: Now you get the alternative to select the kind of files you can add/move to Protect Folder. Pick Images as you wish to move photos/pictures to the Secure folder.

Action 4: Select the Pictures you wish to move and after that tap Done

Step 5: You will get the alternative to Move files or copy them, as you wish to hide the personal images choose Move


Additionally, on your Samsung phone, you can likewise move images straight from Gallery or My files to Protect Folder.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Hide Photos Straight From Gallery On Samsung

Action 1: Open Gallery

Action 2: Select the Photos you wish to conceal


Action 3: Now tap the 3 dots in the bottom ideal corner, you will see a number of alternatives, tap on Relocate To Protect Folder and all chosen photos/pictures will be moved from Gallery to Protect Folder and will be hidden and will not show up in Gallery.

how-to-hide-gallery-photos-samsung 1

These were 2 approaches how you can hide Photos on your Samsung phone without apps. Now that you have hidden your picture it’s apparent you wish to understand, how to access the hidden images in the Secure Folder?

Follow The Step-By-Step Guide On How To Unhide/Access Hidden Photos On Samsung

Action 1: Tap and open Secure Folder get in the lock Pin/Pattern/Password/ Finger print whatever lock type is

Action 2: Amongst a number of alternatives choose tap and open Gallery to gain access to photos/pictures/images.

Bonus Pointer You can include an additional layer of security by hiding the protected folder icon from appearing on your Samsung phone Menu and house screen.

Hide Secure Folder From Menu And Home Screen

Action 1— Swipe down the fast panel menu and open Settings

Action 2– Tap and open Biometrics and security

Action 3– Tap and choose Secure Folder.


Action 4– On the next screen, you can see an alternative ‘ Program icon on Apps screen’ tap the toggle switch, and turn it on.


Step 5– Now a pop-up will appear ‘ Conceal secure Folder’ simply tap on alternative Hide and you are done. The Secure Folder now will be concealed from the home screen and menu.

hide-secure-folder-samsung 2

It’s apparent if you hide the Secure Folder you likewise need to know how to access the concealed Secure Folder.

Steps To Access/Unhide Secure Folder On Samsung

Action 1– Swipe Down to pull the Quick Menu on your Samsung.


Action 2– Now swipe the screen to your left and tap on Plus indication +


Action 3– When you tap on the plus + indication you can see a number of widgets that you can contribute to Quick Panel, amongst them, you can see the Secure Folder Simply drag the Secure Folder to the fast panel and tap Done, then you can tap on the Secure Folder icon to expose or tap once again to conceal it.

unhide access hidden secure folder samsung 2 1

Method 2– Hide Photos On Samsung Straight From Gallery

In this approach, you can straight hide/unhide Photo/video Albums in Gallery on a Samsung phone.

Action 1– Open G allery on your Samsung Galaxy gadget

Action 2– Tap on alternative Albums


Action 3– Tap on the 3 dots menu

Action 4– When you tap on the 3 dots a pop menu will appear with a number of alternatives amongst then choose ‘ Hide or unhide albums’


Step 5– Now you can see all the Albums lists, In front of each you can see a toggle switch, simply toggle it on to Hide the albums you desire. To unhide simply toggle the turn off.


Technique 3– Hide Photos On Samsung By Developing Hidden Folder, Not Secure Folder

On your Samsung Galaxy gadgets, you can likewise develop a surprise folder and hide your personal images in it. In case you are questioning if I am discussing Secure Folder, no never. Covert folder and Samsung’s Secure Folder are 2 various things. Here we are not utilizing the Secure Folder. If you wish to utilize a safe folder you can follow Approach 1 explained above.

Step-By-Step How To Produce Hidden Folder On Samsung To Hide Photos

Action 1– Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy gadget.

Action 2– Scroll to discover ‘ Battery and gadget care’ then tap and open it.

Action 3– Here you can discover a number of alternatives amongst then tap and open Storage

Action 4– Tap on the 3 dots, situated in the upper ideal corner an alternative ‘ Advance’ will appear Tap on it to continue even more.

Step 5– On the next screen, you can see a list, choose and tap on Files


Action 6– Here you can see all the files noted, here tap the 3 dots on the upper right corner, there you can see the alternative Produce folder tap on it

Action 7– Now when you develop a brand-new folder you require to put a complete stop or duration indication prior to the folder name. For instance, if you call the folder hideme you need to compose hideme

Action 8– Now simply tap on Produce and the hidden folder will be developed and conserved, however it will disappoint.


To see the hidden folder, you need to go back to open My Files settings and tap ‘ Show hidden system files. Now to hide the personal images you need to go to the Gallery choose all the personal images you wish to hide and move them to the hidden folder After you have actually moved all the images to the hidden folder, return to the My Files settings page and disable ‘ Show hidden system files’ and once again the hidden folder will not show up.



We hope this short article on how to hide pictures on Samsung without app, assisted you hide all your personal images. Our viewpoint is that you ought to follow Technique 1 to protect all your personal images, due to the fact that in the other 2 techniques the pictures are simply hidden, however are not secured by any Pin/ Password or any kind of lock. So, rather of utilizing any third-party apps utilize Protected folder in Samsung to hide images and other files. Additionally, if you have any tips, it will be valued.

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