How to Go to the Cave Under the Great Narukami Shrine (Farewell to the Past)

As players work their way through the quest Farewell to the Past in Genshin Impact, they will find a destination that instructs them to go to the cave beneath the Narukami Great Shrine. While fans will have no trouble getting to this cave, as in-game waypoints will lead them directly to this cave, they may encounter obstacles upon arrival. The barrier is in the form of a barrier that prevents the entry of the cave below Genshin ImpactGrand Narukami Shrine, and this guide explains how to get through it.

Genshin Impact: Go to the Cave Under the Great Narukami Shrine (Farewell to the Past)

In order to get past the barrier at the cave entrance, players must head to the Narukami Great Shrine and head to its northeast corner. From this position, fans must jump off the ledge and use their Wind Glider in Genshin Impact to continue heading northeast. As the fan zoomed in this direction, they would see a small floating island with lanterns just northeast of the cave waypoint, and they should land there.

After landing on a small floating island, players will be able to summon Electrogranum in Genshin Impact, and that’s what they have to do. Once done, fans can easily slide to the cave entrance and walk through the barrier without difficulty. For players who prefer visual references, the following video shows this process in action, and should be fairly easy to replicate.

In the cave below the Grand Narukami Shrine, players will witness a protracted cutscene before engaging in battle. This conflict is followed by more dialogue, marking the final moments of Farewell’s quest to the Past. That’s not the end of this Raiden Shogun’s quest chapter Genshin Impact though, and fans will find that they have a new quest to pursue when the dialogue ends.

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For players curious about this new quest, it’s called Radiant Sakura, and completing it will unlock Euthymia’s End of the Oneiric domain. This domain is the source of the Evil General Mudra, God’s Tears of Calamity, and Arti Aeon, talent enhancement materials in Genshin Impact that many fans will be interested in getting. Luckily, all of the objectives in Radiant Sakura are pretty straightforward, and fans should have no trouble completing the quests.

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