How to Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen on Chrome

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How to Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen on ChromeYou’ll see the Crunchyroll Black Screen on Chrome when you turn on an extension that blocks pop-ups in your browser. If you open the app via your chrome, a pop-up blocker software can block Crunchyroll from opening. This software can block pop-ups from showing when you’re logged into the app, but it may sometimes cause problems with the Crunchyroll application.

Browser extensions, such as an adblocker could be used in the same way as a pop-up application.

5 Reasons Crunchyroll Black Screen on Chrome | Why does my crunchyroll keep going black

Other explanations for why you’re seeing an Black Screen on Crunchyroll are:

1.Problem with the performance of your browser

Chrome that you log into your Crunchyroll profile might be the cause for your Black display issue.

Active users using Chrome confirm that the browser was responsible of the error in display.

Crunchyroll blocks browsers that are outdated from accessing their website. If you are still using an older version it could be the reason you are experiencing the blank screen issue.

2.There Is An Issue With The Browser’s Speed

The web browser you use to stream content on your Crunchyroll account could be the one responsible in the dark screen. Users of Firefox as well as Chrome confirm that the browsers they use are the ones to be blamed.

Crunchyroll has declared that they will stop access to their website for browsers that are outdated. The blank screen issue could occur if you are using an older version.

3.Cache Files

Cache files are downloaded onto your device each when you open Crunchyroll may be damaged or overloaded. If the cache files are corrupted or not functioning properly this will affect how the application whenever you open it.

4.Episode format

At times, Crunchyroll could upload a specific movie or episode which has the wrong format. In this case the video will not play, you will be unable to play the video

5.Issue with the device

If you notice the Crunchyroll black screen immediately after you sign in, or when you press play on the video, it might be because of the device you’re using to connect to the application.

(Did you know that Crunchyroll was established at the end of 2006 by a small group of students at Berkeley at the University of California, Berkeley. The service for online video is now controlled by Sony who purchased the application in 2021. ).

In the event that your Crunchyroll server is having issues it could stop your application from loading specific features and working correctly. The server may be down because of maintenance work or an unexpected interruption.

If this occurs it is impossible to correct the technical issue However, you’ll be able verify the Crunchyroll status of the service.

How to Fix Crunchyroll Black Screen on Chrome

Confirm Availability Of Server And Internet Connection

It’s recommended to verify your connection and Crunchyroll’s servers prior to changing anything to your operating system.

In many occasions, Crunchyroll viewers were unable to connect to the website and experienced black screen issues during streaming using the Wi-Fi network of a public place.

If this doesn’t fix the issue, test switching to an alternative Internet connection, with firewalls and other limitations.

Turning Off The Ad Blocker

It is the “premium” experience provided by ads blockers is well-known to Crunchyroll users because they block the annoying commercials.

Numerous commercials might have appeared when you used Crunchyroll to stream videos.

Ad-blocking software is utilized most Chrome users This is a shame.

You’ll have to disable it in the event you’re using an advertising blocker. To check the extensions that are installed within Chrome, simply type chrome.exe extensions into the address bar and press Enter.

The blue switch will be displayed beside the extension’s title. Switch this toggle to turn off the plugin right away.

When you disable this feature the extension won’t be able alter the user interface. To check if you’re able to watch videos, simply restart your browser.

While you stream Crunchyroll take out every extension one by one to see if it fixes the black screen issue (involving any add-ons that are compatible with videos players).

There is a chance that this will help identify if a particular program is responsible.

Remove Any Anti-Virus And Firewall Programs From Your Computer

While anti-virus software is created to safeguard users, it could also designate some legitimate websites as dangerous.

“False Positives,” also known as “false positives” is used to describe this phenomenon. Third-party sites such as Crunchyroll often create these annoying black screen problems when trying to play video clips.

To determine if the issue persists, remove your antivirus software. The show you love will stream again following a restart of your PC, and then disabling your antivirus.

It’s possible that installing the antivirus can fix the issue even if deactivating it won’t.

Clear Browsing Data

Crunchyroll is not different from any other program when it is concerned with storing and retrieving settings of users and browsing history.

The incorrect loading data caused the site from loading properly in a variety of instances. To test whether this will help you, we’ll clean all browsing histories.

This process will erase your browsing history as well as cache and passwords and other data, so you should be aware prior to applying this method. Before you apply this method be sure to have backups of all your information.

Switch your browser

In the event that your web browser could be responsible of the Crunchyroll black screen issue Try opening the application using another browser. If you’re currently using Chrome then try Firefox and reverse the process.

Make sure the browser you use is up-to current with the most recent version. This will reduce the chance of Crunchyroll hindering your browser from access to their website.

Clear cache files

Remove the cache files currently on your device to prevent it from starting Crunchyroll.

It is done via your browser’s settings. If you are using Google Chrome, just go to:

Open Chrome > Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL > Tick ‘Cookies and Other Site Data’ & ‘Cached Images and Files’ > Clear Data

How can I solve the problem of Crunchyroll black screen On Chrome when streaming?

If Crunchyroll displays an Black screen while streaming content on the app, then you might require changing the resolution display setting to a lower resolution. This will stop the application from having problems with playback such as buffering and slowing. Images with lower quality require less bandwidth for streaming when compared to high-definition images. A HD image will require at minimum 2.5Mbps and an SD image will only require 0.6Mbps.

To alter the quality of images for the image quality on Crunchyroll you need to click the settings icon, followed by the “Quality Auto button. From there, you’ll be able change the settings from auto to the desired choice.

Other methods you could try to fix the issue of a Black screen on Crunchyroll streaming include:

  • Update the app
  • Restart your Wifi router
  • Change your device
  • Reinstall and uninstall Crunchyroll

Another reason you might encounter a playback problem on Crunchyroll it is that your location settings do not work with a particular program that is available on the application.

To stay clear of this issue to avoid such a problem, you can utilize an VPN (Virtual Private Network) to conceal your location on the internet. This will eliminate any restrictions that are associated with your location.

Conclusion Crunchyroll Black Screen on Chrome

You may notice Crunchyroll to show an Black screen upon launching the application or whenever you try to play a video.

With this simple tutorial, we’re hoping that you are now aware of the reason the reason why the blank screen error is occurring and you’re successful in fixing your Crunchyroll image using one of the five options that we have provided.

If the issue continues it is possible contact the support team at Crunchyroll directly. You can send a message for assistance, and one of their staff members will be able to take your inquiry and respond to you.

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