How to Defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array in Genshin Impact

When Inazuma was first released in Genshin Dampak Impact 2.0, this region comes with three regions; Narukami, Yashiori, and Kannazuka Islands. To the north of Narukami, there is a subarea called Jinren Island. On the surface is the place that Kairagi and Nobushi are exploring. Meanwhile, underground lies an ancient ruin filled with robots. Among these robots, players will also find a more powerful version of the enemy, namely Immortal Mechanical Array.

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To access this boss, Travelers can explore the underwater area of ​​Araumi or use the portal on Jinren Island. Obviously, the second method was much faster than the first, especially since the first one was related to the World Quest. After all, no matter how players choose to find this boss, they must know how to defeat the Immortal Mechanical Array in Genshin Dampak Impact.


How to Defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array in Genshin Impact

genshin impact inazuma boss fight immortal mechanic array

Like a typical Hypostasis boss, to defeat the Immortal Mechanical Array in Genshin Dampak Impact, the player must disable it first. To do so, Travelers must attack the boss until its HP drops below 30%. When this happens, the boss will enter a defensive state and be immune to attacks.

Immortal Mechanical Array defense mode

In this state, the Immortal Mechanical Array would summon four smaller robots. In order to continue the fight, the player must destroy the enemy with the gold ring around it. Of the four minions, only this one can be damaged, while the rest will attack but cannot be defeated.

Deactivated Immortal Mechanical Array

Once the marked machine is defeated, the Immortal Mechanical Array will be deactivated. Now, players can freely attack Genshin Dampak Impact boss. His resistance will decrease by 50% for all types of damage, so Travelers should deal as much damage as possible and defeat him immediately.

Immortal Mechanical Array Awakening

However, if the player fails to empty his HP, the boss will recall the destroyed robot. Fortunately, if Travelers managed to kill him quickly afterwards, the boss would not enter a defensive state again.

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My notesimpossible to beat Immortal Mechanical Array without immobilizing it first. So even if people manage to do a one-shot, the boss will automatically enter a defensive state once its HP drops below 30%. The boss will also enter defensive mode if the player takes too long to get the Perpetual Mechanical Array’s HP to the required point.

Tips For Defeating Immortal Mechanical Array

genshin impact boss immortal mechanical array damage guards

If the player is having trouble defeating the Perpetual Mechanical Array in Genshin Dampak Impacthere are some tips they can use:

  1. Avoid physical damage dealr: Like other robots, Perpetual Mechanical Array has high Physical resistance. The boss itself has 70% Physical RES.
  2. Learn the attack pattern: The moves are mostly easy to dodge. The boss has six offensive attacks, all of which come with a flashy red mark to mark the AoE of his attack. Players just need to run at the right time to avoid damage. Note that the Perpetual Mechanical Array has two special moves for Melee, and one for Ranged.
  3. Bring a shield or healer: If the attack is too much for the player’s DPS to handle, then a Genshin Dampak Impact a protector like Zhongli, or a healer like Barbara could be of great help.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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