How to Defeat Raiden Shogun In Weekly Troun Domain

Despite being a relatively new release, Raiden Shogun has built quite an impressive reputation for itself within Genshin Dampak Impact. Not only was he the star of Archon Inazuma’s Quest, but he now also claimed two Story Quests of his own. This is without even mentioning the fact that he is arguably the most popular playable character in the game.

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The story of Raiden Shogun teaches us that immortality has many interpretations and countless forms, but it is perhaps the Raiden Shogun’s newest form that interests players the most. Indeed, Raiden Shogun now manifests in its own Weekly Boss fight which is the game’s most challenging yet. Beating him won’t be easy, but this guide will teach you everything you need to know to turn off the Electro Archon.


Location And Drop Domain Raiden Shogun

genshin raiden battle map

This boss is referred to in the game as “Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto.” Although the identity of the actual boss is complicated, this guide will refer to him as the “Raiden Shogun” for clarity and brevity.

To gain access to this Weekly Boss, players must complete Raiden Shogun’s second Story Quest:Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act II – Temporary Dream.” You’ll actually be fighting the Raiden Shogun for the first time at the end of the Story Quest, but the fight is modified and can’t be lost in this context.

Successfully completing the quest will be unlocked A new Defeat Domain called “End of Oneiric Euthymia” under the Grand Narukami Shrine where you can fight bosses for real. Spending Resin will reward you for completing battles once a week, including new talent-boosting materials: Malefic General Mudra, Tears of the God of Calamityand Meaning of Aeon.

Yae Miko currently using the last of these ingredients, and future characters will likely need others.

Raiden Shogun Boss Attack Pattern

genshin boss raiden zhongli staring

Often considered the strongest Archon, Raiden Shogun certainly shows his full strength in this encounter. It will demand your best team and your sharpest mechanics so you don’t want to be consumed by the immortals.

Raiden Shogun will start the fight in one of two positions: Musou Isshin . Position or Lightning Position Strikes. He attacks with a sword in the former and a polearm in the latter, with each weapon having a unique set of attacks.

In addition to his constant melee and ranged attacks, there are a few key techniques to watch out for during his Musou Isshin Stance. The first is when Raiden Shogun divides himself into four illusions that launch lightning swords at you. You must damage the original Raiden Shogun to end this attack; identify him by finding the illusion that shoots an X-shaped slash at you.

raiden boss genshin's illusion attack

Musou Isshin Stance also performs an attack where the Raiden Shogun will point his sword at the sky and start attacking. This action preceded the storm of AoE lightning strikes and the barrage of deadly slashes surrounding Raiden Shogun. Run to the outskirts of the arena to avoid this attack.

During his Engulfing Lightning Stance, Raiden Shogun will again unleash constant melee and ranged attacks. Unique to this Attitude is the attack where he summons up to three Magatsu Electroculi around the arena. Any Magatsu Electroculi nearby must be destroyed with a quick attack to prevent it from exploding in a massive Electro DMG blast.

Raiden Shogun will switch between two Positions after a certain attack. However, in both Attitudes, he will sometimes protect himself while receiving melee damage. Continuing to hit him in this state will eventually destroy his shield, but watch out for the counterattack when this happens. Regardless of his Attitude, the Shogun’s Raiden will also slowly accumulate Scary Fate, indicated by one meter below its health bar. This meter will fill up faster when he hits you with an attack, and he will enter Annoying Shadowlord form when it is fully charged.

genshin boss raiden baleful shadowlord

The Baleful Shadowlord Raiden Shogun’s form isn’t nearly as smooth as the previous Stance switch. He considered a truly divine appearance and strength in every aspect. While he maintained his Baleful Shadowlord form, Raiden Shogun had massively increases RES for each type of DMG, Electro shield, more powerful attacks, and will also drain your active character’s Energy.

This form features a similar set of basic attacks (except this time is more painful) along with some unique attacks. If you see shimmering shadow hurtling towards you, be prepared for a gigantic fist that will immediately punch out of the ground at your location. If the Raiden Shogun planted three electric javelin on the ground, be prepared for a high-stakes game of jump rope as you have to dodge successive waves of Electro DMG. Generally tries to stay close to the Raiden Shogun in this form also, because he has a fast attack that can get close to you and can’t be avoided.

boss genshin raiden eye attack

If the Raiden Shogun covered himself and disappeared into the eye-shaped void in the sky, this would represent his most powerful attack. Like a ball Memories flower will be left on the ground and must be hit by Elemental attacks to charge. Electro attack is very effective for thisand fully charging the ball will deploy a shield that will protect you from Raiden Shogun’s incoming attacks. Failure to deploy this shield almost always guarantees instant death for your active character.

To remove Raiden Shogun from Baleful Shadowlord status, you have to completely exhaust the Electro shield. This is best done via Cryo and Pyro DMG; however, Raiden Shogun will also use up a portion of his own shield every time he attacks. This way it is possible to wait until he exhausts his own shield, but waiting so long will only increase his chances of destroying your team.

genshin boss raiden eula slash

After the shield is lowered, Raiden Shogun will return to his normal form and stun for a short time. All your Elemental Bursts will be refilled automatically and Raiden Shogun will experience a decrease in RES during this timeso go all out at your disposal to deal damage during this phase.

If you fail to defeat Raiden Shogun at this point, he will return to his Musou Isshin Stance or Engulfing Lightning Stance. He’ll again start gathering Ominous Destiny, so make sure to beat him before it’s fully charged unless you want to beat him in his Baleful Shadowlord form a second time.

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Useful Characters For Shogun Raiden Battles

genshin boss raiden zhongli

Raiden Shogun hit fast and hit hard, so a character that prioritizes survivability is recommended. Even the most proficient Genshin Impact player may have a hard time dodging every attack he makes, so a character providing a shield can lighten this load on your dodge button. Zhongli is a classic recommendation here because the shield is the toughest in the game, but diona, Noelleor maybe Thomas can work in an emergency.

Healers can also take some of the pressure off Raiden Shogun’s offensive attacks, but you should still be on the lookout for high single damage attacks (aka basically all of them during Raiden Shogun’s Baleful Shadowlord phase). Kokomi and barbara are a great option here as they can heal your character without relying solely on their Bursts, but Jean or Qiqi maybe a decent choice too. Bennett can work too, especially for additional damage during Raiden Shogun’s vulnerable phase, but his constant self-inflicted Overload Reaction combined with Raiden Shogun’s lightning-fast maneuverability means that it can be difficult to utilize his Burst effectively.

In terms of completely removing Raiden Shogun’s health bar, the game’s traditional DPS characters all work pretty well. Cryo characters like Ganyu and Ayaka or Pyro characters like Hu Tao and Yoimiya very helpful for destroying Baleful Shadowlord’s Electro shield and dealing a consistently high amount of damage. Putting at least one Electro character on your team is not a bad idea to deal with Flowers of Remembrance, and you can even use Raiden Shogun himself to do this if you feel thematically inclined to do so.

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