How to Continue the Pursuit (Farewell to the Past)

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This guide details how to continue the chase, and it will help players advance the Farewell to the Past mission in Genshin Impact.

genshin impact continue the pursuit

Farewell to the Past is a quest in Genshin Dampak Impact which was added to the game with the release of update 2.5, and it begins by instructing players to continue the chase. These instructions are accompanied by waypoints marking the area on the north side of Narukami Island, though fans may not be clear on how to proceed once they arrive at that location. This guide is here to point players in the right direction and help them continue the chase Genshin Dampak Impact.

Genshin Impact: Continue the Pursuit (Farewell to the Past)

To continue the pursuit in Farewell to the Past, Genshin Dampak Impact The player only needs to follow the trail of blue lines that lead to a recess on the coast to the southwest. The first lines are on the southwest edge of the initial quest area, right next to the three beacons, and players will receive updated waypoints as they approach them. Fans will then have to continue walking southwest, and they’ll encounter another set of stripes as they approach the aforementioned beach-facing ledge.

Players must now jump off that ledge, using their Wind Glider in Genshin Dampak Impact to travel to the beach below, and follow the trail to the southwest until you reach an alcove. While it’s a fairly straightforward process, the following video shows the exact path fans should take on the beach, and it will resolve any questions players may have about continuing the chase.

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As players enter the niche, they will be treated to a short scene, and the Farewell to the Past quest objective will be updated when it reaches its conclusion. There should be no confusion about how to tackle this new goal, as it is very clear in the instructions. In fact, all of the goals that come after the “resume the chase” task are fairly simple to accomplish, apart from the ones listed below. Genshin Dampak Impact the midpoint of the search.

For players curious about this other puzzling destination, it centers around visiting the cave that lies beneath the Grand Narukami Shrine. While the waypoint would direct fans to this location, complications came from the barrier that would prevent them from entering the cave. Fortunately, players can summon Electrogranum in Genshin Dampak Impact on the small floating island that was right above the cave entrance, and that would allow them to bypass the barrier and continue the quest for Farewell to the Past.


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