The Easy Way, How to Check If A Car Has Insurance-Before buying a used car, make sure the car has insurance to indicate the old owner is serious about maintaining the condition of the car. Owners who have insurance must always immediately repair their car damaged by an accident.

Apart from paying a premium, this effort will make the car always look fresh so that it has a high selling value when it wants to be resold. Therefore, make sure that the used car you want to buy is equipped with insurance.


How to Check If A Car Has Insurance

If you want to know how to check if a car has insurance or not is very easy. We will give to you the tips and the things you can try. The first, pay attention to a few things. Check the information below.

Check the type of insurance

You must check carefully what type of insurance was previously used by the car owner, Comprehensive or Total Loss Only (TLO). Comprehensive will obviously make you calmer because all types of claims can be covered, while TLO is only for damage above 75% or loss due to theft.

 Expansion of Insurance Coverage

Also note whether there are extensions or additional protections previously proposed to the insurance company to increase your benefits as the next owner. At least, if there is a natural flood or a car is hit by a fallen tree, you are calmer and can immediately repair it. It is very important way  how to check if a car has insurance.

Match the Identity in the Insurance Premium

Look carefully at the insurance policy, STNK and KTP for the car owner. Don’t let any differences in identity make it difficult for you to claim. The identity matching process also helps you at the risk of buying a stolen car. To be more sure, you can contact the insurance call center.

Calculate the Validity Period and Policy Fees

Also take into account the validity period and the amount of the insurance policy that must be paid because it will be your responsibility when you buy the car. Also pay attention to information about the procedure for claims and the insurance referral workshop. The referral to the official repair shop will obviously make you calmer. How to check if a car has insurance needed if you want to buy second cars also.

The most important step you have to do if everything is okay is escorting the old owner to change the name of the used car insurance policy that you bought. Especially if it turns out that the car has not been paid off by the credit installments.

Therefore, how to check if a car has insurance all activities related to the car must be known by the insurance company. To change the name of the used car insurance policy being sold, the seller must notify the insurance company in black and white. Why is changing the name of the insurance policy so important?

How to check if a car has insurance needed if you want to make decision to uy second car.This needs to be done to guarantee ownership of your car so you don’t bother dealing with the old owner if there is a problem Because if the buying and selling activities are not reported to the finance company, the insurance company has no obligation to grant claims for losses that befell the car.

In addition, insurance claims can only be made if the names registered on the car registration and insurance policy are the same.If not, it means you need a power of attorney and it will be troublesome.This is absolutely contained in the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKBI), which is an official regulation issued by the regulator.

There are some tips if you what to know  how to check if a car has insurance. Hope this article is useful.