How to Change Screen Brightness On WIndows 11

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Windows 11 is surely one of the most beautiful Windows regarding design and performance, and comes with new and enhanced features. Microsoft has also introduced some adjustments to its settings, making it difficult for novice users to locate different options. Today, we’ll mainly explain how to alter the brightness of your screen. If you need assistance in other areas such as adjusting the brightness of your screen, check out our additional guides available on our site. Through this tutorial, you’ll be able to alter the brightness of your screen on Windows 11. Let’s get started.

Strategies to change your Screen’s the brightness on Windows 11

When it comes to methods to change the brightness of screens There are two ways to go about it We will show the two methods with you.

How do you change your screen’s Lightness in Windows 11 via Settings

The best way to change brightness of the screen for Windows 11 is to use the Settings App. Here’s how to accomplish it.

  • Open Your Windows then click the Windows icon to open your Start menu. Then, click to the Gear icon to enter Settings. You can also hit the Windows + I button to start this app. Settings App.
  • Once you’re in the Settings section of Your Windows 11 PC, find the System section and select it.
  • Then, go to the the Display Section.
  • There is a special Brightness section. In addition, you can utilize the Slider to alter the brightness.
  • When you adjust the slider it will alter the brightness. You are free to leave the slider after you have found the ideal amount of brightness that is suitable for your eyes.

How do you change your screen’s brightness on Windows 11 via Quick Settings

Quick Settings is yet another option which you can employ to alter the brightness of your screen on Windows 11. We also suggest using Quick Settings to control brightness as it’s the most efficient method to achieve it. This is how you can alter the brightness of your screen in Windows 11 via Quick Settings.

  • Open your Windows.
  • Click on the Taskbar next to the battery icon. This will open the Quick Settings. You can also use Windows + A and it will open your Quick Settings app on your screen.
  • Once it’s started Once it’s launched, you’ll see it’s brightness slider directly above the slider for sound.
  • Adjust the slider to the brightness to your requirements. Once you’ve found the perfect level, you can remove the slider.

Conclusion How to Change Screen Brightness On WIndows 11

That’s all, folks. In this article you’ve learned how to alter your screen Brightness in Windows 11. We discussed two ways to do it, however the second option (via quick settings) is the most straightforward of the two. If you’ve got any concerns or suggestions, contact us in the comment section.

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