Easy Way How To Add Birthday Field to Hubspot

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how to add birthday field to hubspot-HubSpot is an Web-based application firm that offers various tools for enterprises of any size.

HubSpot’s services include a client relations management (CRM) system as well as a lead management system as well as an online toolkit for social media.

HubSpot also provides workshops and consulting services to help businesses increase their efficiency and effectiveness.

These software tools let businesses automatize the process of marketing campaigns, monitoring customer interactions and analysis of data.

HubSpot offers a birthday field for users. This is a fantastic method to keep on top of birthdays of your contacts and send them birthday greetings. You’ll need to create customized fields if you would like to. how to add birthday fields to your HubSpot account.

Why do you need to add a birthday field on the account of your HubSpot accounts?

A birthday field added to the birthday field on your HubSpot accounts will help you keep track of the important events took place in your life. Additionally, it may be useful to others on your team who might have to reach you about these occasions.

You can also utilize this birthday box to create customized notifications and also send out messages to your followers on social media.

You can view your birthday through within the Account Settings tab of Your HubSpot account. From here, you’ll be able to modify and view the name as well as the email address, and telephone numbers of anyone added to the birthday field.

Your birthday will be listed on your HubSpot account when you’ve created the field.

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How to add Birthday fields on HubSpot properties

  • Go to Contacts > Settings.
  • Next, click “+ Add Property” within the “Properties” section.
  • Choose “Birthday”, and then select “Date&Time” for the property type. Click “Create Property”.
  • Click Next after completing the Object type, Group, and Label fields.


  • Select Date Picker as the field’s type, then click Create.


  • The birthday property that was added to the list will be included in the listing. Click on the icons below the property’s names to change or remove the property.

Add a birthday field to the default view.

In HubSpot you can change the fields shown in the menu of items that appear on the left.

When you open the record you’ll be able to be able to see the Birthday field, if you have added it into the view default.

  • Click the Settings icon on the navigation bar at the top within the main navigation bar of HubSpot login.
  • Find it by clicking Object > Contacts from the left-hand sidebar menu.
  • Choose the Record Customization tab and then click Edit after selecting the Choose properties option for the default sidebar.


  • To locate this Birthday field, you can use Search bar.
  • Modify its position within the section if necessary and then click Save.


  • The default screen you see for your contacts now has the birthday property which you’ve successfully included.

How to create an HubSpot birthday list of contacts

  • Log into your HubSpot account, then navigate to Contacts.
  • Select the Lists using Drop-down Menu
  • In the upper right corner, then click create List.
  • Enter name your list like “Birthday contacts” and click on the Create List.
  • To add people from your contacts ,  click Add Contacts. You can add contacts manually or import contacts from an existing file.
  • Once you’ve added all of your contacts, save them in the upper-right corner.

How to Send birthday messages using HubSpot

HubSpot’s automated capabilities are among of the most valuable assets it has. HubSpot offers a range of tools that will help you remain efficient and efficient. The capability to create birthday emails is a feature that really can help.

It’s actually very easy. First, you’ll need to create a brand new HubSpot Contact Property. Visit the Contacts Settings, then click “Create Property” give your new property a title like “Birthday”, and choose “Date and time” for the type of data. After that you can click “Create Property.”

Once you’ve set up the property, you can access Your Contacts List. Include birthdays for each contact. Then, you can create an email template within the Email settings. To add your contact’s birthday in an email, utilize the “% contact.birthday merge field inside the template email.

After that, go to your Automation settings and create the new workflow. It is necessary to set up an event in the workflow to send birthday greetings to all contacts for their birthday. If you’d like to, you can include specific conditions to this workflow (e.g. sending an email follow-up within a couple of days). Now you’ll be able tell anyone who you want to include a birthday field to the settings of your HubSpot account. How to add a birthday-related field to HubSpot can be explained in the introduction

Why should your HubSpot account have a birthday field?

You can track what significant occasions in your life occurred by adding a birthday-related field on you HubSpot account. In addition, it could be helpful for teammates who may need to communicate with you about those occasions.

The birthdate feature is a great tool to create custom alerts or deliver messages directly to social media users.

On your Account Settings tab of the Account Settings tab of your HubSpot accounts, users are able to view your Birthday. The name of the person whose email address, as well as phone number were entered into your birthday entry can be checked and edited from this field.

When you have created the field after you have created the field, you Birthday will be visible on Your HubSpot account.

Q. What is the most efficient way to add a birthday-related field to my HubSpot account?

An. There are a variety of options to include a birthday field in your account. You can manually type in the birthday date on your profile page or utilize one of the many tools for tracking birthdays.

Whatever method you decide to use regardless of the method you choose, ensure that you adhere to the guidelines carefully to ensure that your birthday details are correctly recorded and stored in the HubSpot database.

Q. What is the best frequency to change my birthday details in HubSpot?

The best policy to update your birthdate on HubSpot is to update it each time you update your profile details like when you update your email address, or you update your name.

A. Why can’t I locate my birth date in the settings of my HubSpot account?

If you’re having difficulties getting your birthday date within the settings of you HubSpot account, it could be a variety of reasons.

Be sure to be sure to check your email’s inbox and your spam folder for messages that contain birthday date.

If you aren’t able to locate it on the website, it could be hidden on the site or in your profile. Furthermore, HubSpot does not require users to enter their birthdate when they create an account.

It is possible to add it later by accessing Account Settings and selecting “Edit Profile.” Alternatively you can reach customer support for assistance finding the data.

A. What are possible issues that could be encountered when I attempt to add a birthday field on the account I have?

There are some potential problems that can arise when you attempt to include a birthday field in your account.

It’s first possible that users won’t accurately enter their birthdays that could lead to inaccurate information.

In addition, if you do not include a birthday-related field on the sign-up form, users might not be able determine their birthday details.

A. How can I fix any issue that are preventing me from creating a birthday-related field in the account I have created?

A. If you’re having problems creating a birthday field on the account you have on HubSpot Follow these steps:

1. Check to make sure you’ve got the correct type of account. You can also add an age field if have an account that has an email address for personal use or if you’re setting up an account for an organization.

2. Check whether your email account has been correct. If it’s not, be sure the email address is correct and it matches with the one that is linked to your account.

3. Check you’re HubSpot login and username are valid. If they’re not, you can try changing them , and then try to include the birthday field once more.

4. Inspect your spam folder for any messages from HubSpot seeking the confirmation of your login credentials or requests for additional details (like photos).

Conclusion how to add birthday field to hubspot

In this post, we’ll help you how to add birthday field to hubspot . It’s a straightforward and simple process which can be done within a matter of minutes.

Once you’ve completed the above steps the birthday of your child will be entered automatically into every one of your previous as well as future transactions.

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