How Do I Import Contacts from Gmail to Android

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Are You Getting A New Android Phone? Do You Do You Want all your Gmail contacts to be available on your Android? This article explains how to Import Contacts from Gmail to Android. Find out more and learn how to import contacts from Gmail to Android.

The Contacts list of a person is extremely important and everyone would hate to lose any contact. If you lose your phone or your phone is damaged by accident, or you change phones. You’ll always want all your contacts synced on the new phone. If you have multiple devices, you’ll require all your contacts to sync across all of your devices.

To keep your contacts on the same page across all your Android devices, you can easily save your Android phone’s contacts to Google contacts. If your Android phone is stolen, and damaged beyond repair, you aren’t going to perish your phone’s contacts. Google contacts that are saved can be accessed and controlled across any registered Android device.

If you’ve already transferred or backed the contacts you have to Gmail You can transfer your Google contacts onto an Android device. Let’s begin by following the step-by-step instructions and discover how to transfer contacts in Gmail onto your Android.

If you’ve not yet transferred your contact information to Gmail but are intending to export and import them on the newly purchased Android Device. Visit this page to find out what you can do to convert contacts on Android into Gmail.

Note: The steps below assume that you’ve already signed in to Android with a Gmail account from which you would like to import contacts, and that you have your device connected to WiFi.

Steps to Import Contacts from Gmail to an Android Phone

Step 1 – On your Android phone open Settings.

Step 2.Open your account, and sync search on Google then then open it.

Step 3.Select your Gmail account that you would like Contacts to sync with the Android phone.

Step 4 4. This time, check the toggle switch located in front of Contacts. Make sure that it’s activated.


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Step 5  In your display,, click at the 3-dot located in the left-hand side the screen. When you tap it, you will find the option to to synchronize right now.

Step 6 :Tap on the Sync button now and wait for a short time. After that, all of your Gmail contacts are synced, and you will see all of the Gmail contact information on the Android phone.

Wrap Up

Google Contacts Application is the best method to manage your contacts. All your contacts can be saved in Google contacts in your Android and ensure they are safe and available at any time. I hope this article helped you and that you were able to successfully import the contacts you have from Gmail onto the Android device.

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