How can I request custom tracks Beat Saber?

how can i request custom tracks beat saber?

Beat Saber is an augmented reality rhythmic game developed and released through Beat Games in the Czech Republic. Here you can download custom music on Beat Saber.

It is set in a spooky neon setting and involves the player cutting blocks to represent the rhythms of music using the help of two opposite colored swords.

The game was first released on PlayStation 4 & Microsoft Windows. It can be played with the majority of VR headsets.

The game offers a wide range of songs ranging between Beginner through Expert Plus. The player plays with the sabers with luminous lights that are red and blue on both sides, and is controlled by default using VR motion controls.

The game supplies players with a set of blocks that will be placed in accordance to the beats and melodies. They are placed in one of 12 possible spots on an x3 grid for every song.

The blocks are advancing towards the player it is possible to play specific tunes in certain positions. The color of each block differs based on the color of the saber that can be used to chop it.

Each can also be identified by pointing an arrow to one of eight cutting directions. Gamers are now able to attack blocks that feature dots instead of arrows in any direction.

A block will only be destroyed if cut in a proper manner using the saber. A grade will be given based on the length and an inclination of the swing as well as the precision of the cutting.

It’s not as difficult as it seems to get custom-made songs using Beat Saber, and this article will show you how.

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How can I request custom tracks Beat Saber?

To summarize the situation, there are two ways to download custom music in game The first can be to “download the songs and install” 

  • This being said that you could do it by visiting the Beast Saber webpage, searching for the song you’re looking for.
  • After that, select the Download option as zipping.
  • Your browser will download the zip file once you click on the link to download.
  • After that, using a program like 7zip, find and then unzip the installation folder located in the directory you specified.


  • After you’re done, select the customized song mapping within your game and start playing it.

Mods for Beat Saber: How do I create custom tracks in Beat Saber?

You can use a variety of alteration tools to simplify the process of importing customized tracks into Beat Saber in conjunction with the manual approach.

  • You’ll need to download Mod Assistant’s latest Mod Assistant version from Github for you to start.
  • After downloading is complete begin the exe, and it’ll begin sorting out the location where you saved the game. If it isn’t able to, locate the location and manually insert it manually.
  • You must then take note of and accept certain conditions of service. Then, you can select Mods in the dropdown menu.
  • You’ll be able choose between installing and updating in this manner.
  • You can begin playing and then access an game’s in-game Mod tab by pressing either of the buttons, based on your situation.
  • It is possible to make use of a tab to download multiple tracks by clicking the menu’s “Download More Songs” tab.
  • You can also use Syncsaber for downloading these or make use of BeastSaber’s download links.
  • By connecting your BeastSaber account to the game you can save new tracks, and then have them immediately shown in the game.

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