BEST Collection Live Wallpaper HONKAI Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is a game that not only provides a good dose of action on mobile, but is also a cool game in terms of story and characters, let alone the main characters of Honkai Impact 3rd itself!

The gameplay of Honkai Impact is quite simple, you are required to defeat all enemies to continue your journey in eradicating Honkai Beasts. Each character has a different fighting style, such as Kiana who fights with two pistols, Mei who uses Ninjutsu and Sword, and Bronya who controls a robot in battle.

The system that makes Honkai Impact 3 interesting is Time Fracture. Time Fracture can be used when your Valkyrie character manages to avoid attacks from the enemy at a certain point, the surroundings will darken and the enemy’s movement slows down. In Time Fracture mode, your attacks will be faster and will be very helpful in your adventure.

One of the things that will immediately steal the attention of Honkai Impact 3 is the excellent graphic quality. Mihoyo doesn’t play around in presenting beautiful anime-style graphics in this game. In fact, you’ve been greeted with cool graphics since entering the menu page.

Details such as anime are presented nicely when your character is on the battlefield. The character’s movements when launching an attack or ultmatei to the enemy also look flexible like anime or JRPG, both console and PC versions. However, to be able to enjoy these graphics, you must provide a large enough memory capacity on your smartphone. at the very least, you have to leave more than 1 GB of space to be able to install this wonderful game.

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After hearing the explanation above, now, I will share the Live Wallpaper of the Honkai Impact Character

Live Wallpaper Honkai Impact Character



Download Live Wallpaper

Raiden Mei

reiden mei

Download Live Wallpaper



Download Live Wallpaper

Fu Hua

fu hua

Download Live Wallpaper

Theresa Apocalypse


Download Theresa Live Wallpaper

Kallen Kaslana


Download Live Wallpaper

Sakura Yae

yae sakura

Download Live Wallpaper

Rita Rossweisse


Download Live Wallpaper

So,Thas it is Live Wallpaper of the Honkai Impact Character.


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