Hollow Soul Hidden Achievement Guide (Find the Lost Treasure of Washizu)

Genshin Dampak ImpactUpdate 2.0 adds a number of hidden achievements to the highly popular developer RPG miHoYo, including one called A Hollow Soul. To obtain this achievement, players must ultimately find Washizu’s lost items in Higi Village and complete the quest of the Spooky Instruction world. However, Genshin Dampak Impact fans need to do a bit of work before they can even get their hands on those quests, and this guide has full details on the process.


Updated on February 17, 2022, by Scott Vengel: Genshin Impact has once again returned to the thunder land of Inazuma, with the release of the Yae Miko banner in version 2.4. While the update shows an exciting new side to the story behind the shrine maiden and her friend Raiden Shogun, it has brought a lot of attention to the fascinating lore hidden within Inazuma. Many of the secret achievements are centered around these clues and narratives, and this has inspired many to seek secrets like Washizu. That said, this article will be updated to clarify much of the information needed to complete the “Hollow Soul” achievement.

How to Resolve a Hollow Soul

The first thing to mention is that players will have to chase this achievement over the course of four daily resets. It was indeed impossible to attain the Hollow Soul achievement in one sitting as there was something to be done on four different days.

washizu split image on the map of the genshin dampak impact

In particular, players needed to interact with the Outer Temple which was located just south of the Snake Head in those days, and the video below shows the exact position of the Temple. The shrine can be easily flown from the nearest teleport, very close to the Maguu Kenki arena.

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It should also be noted that Genshin Dampak Impact buffs technically need to interact with the Outer Shrine three times each day, and it will become inactive until the next daily reset once that is done.

The daily reset occurs at 4am for players in the East time zone, so players will have to wait until then to successfully complete this part of the quest. While these visits don’t need to be made on consecutive days, players must make sure that they don’t forget the missions in the days following each prayer.

wahizu shrine at genshin dampak impact

Furthermore, each individual interaction will cause a purple orb to appear in front of the structure, and fans will know that their work for the day is done when three of them have materialized. At that point, players might want to have a quick chat with Washizu, as the dialogue changes slightly every day.

On the fourth day of visiting the shrine, players will get a little surprise, because Washizu will become aggressive and attack them. This attack will trigger the start of the quest for the world of Spooky Instructions, and indeed the first objective is to defeat the mad samurai.

washizu from genshin dampak impact

Washizu is an Electro-based Kairagi, so players must prepare for tough and sturdy opponents. Dealing with opponents before they enter their IV state will be in the player’s best interest, as Electro attacks will not damage them at this point. However, Pyro and Anemo characters will be able to do the most damage during this phase, if the battle lasts that long.

After dispatching these enemies, players will receive Incomplete Notes and Torn Papers as well as the instructions mentioned above to visit Higi Village in search of samurai treasures.

map shows higi village buried in chests in genshin impact

For this final step, fans must head to the southeast corner of the marked area in Higi Village and walk to the back of the house they find there. Players must then position themselves between two torches in this niche and press the input that appears on the screen to “Dig.” This action will cause a Beautiful Chest to appear, and looting it will cause the Spooky Information quest to be marked as completed and the Hollow Soul achievement hidden in Genshin Dampak Impact to give.

Genshin Dampak Impact available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

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