[GUIDE] How to Save Telegram Videos In Gallery on Android 2021

Hey telegram users, today I’m going to show you how to easily save telegram videos in gallery using your Android device.

The process is quite easy to follow, all you need to do is make sure your phone has the capacity to load the video you want to download.

Now, Telegram unlike Whatsapp which automatically saves media files in your gallery without your consent. Although you can turn off this feature in WhatsApp, I did a small survey and I found out that 70% of WhatApp users download media files like photos and videos automatically to their devices.

Telegram on the other hand doesn’t do that. I’m not trying to compare telegram and Whatsapp, there are two amazing social media apps that can be used for great things.

In telegram, before any video is saved on your Android device, you have to do a bit of work by saving the video itself. I like this feature. imagine you are in the land of WhatsApp where 100 images are shared daily, in just a week, you will have up to 700 images with only 5-10 relevant images.

Long talk, time also shows how to save telegram videos in gallery.

How To Save Telegram Videos In Gallery

1. Open the telegram app on your android device.

2. Open the chat, group, or page that contains the video you want to save.

3. Click or tap on the video.

4. Tap the utility icon at the top right of the video.

save telegram videos in gallery

5. Tap save to gallery to complete the download.

save telegram videos in gallery
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After completing the above steps, the video will be saved to your gallery immediately. You can do the same to save GIF in telegram, just open GIF and click “save to GIF”.

Where can I find saved Telegram videos?

All your saved telegram videos can be found in the gallery of your android device. Just navigate to the gallery and the video will be the newest file in your gallery.

How to download videos from Telegram?

The procedure is easy, Open the video > Click the utility icon on the top right > Click save to gallery. That’s all it has to do. You can use the same procedure to save GIFs and photos as well.

How can I download videos from telegram to my laptop?

What you need to do is telegram web accessthen open the video you want to download, open the video and under the video you will see the download button which is mostly located on the bottom right.


There you have it, a very short and simple guide on how to save telegram videos in gallery. I hope this article can help you. Remember, you can use the same method to save GIFs on Telegram, save photos on Telegram, and almost any other type of media file.

If you have too many tasks to do, you can set your telegram to automatically download all media files to your phone storage.

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