Genshin Impact Xiao Live Wallpaper Set in Liyue

New Genshin Impact live wallpapers appear in the N0va miHoYo Desktop app regularly, and the latest one involves Xiao. As usual, apps and backgrounds are free downloads. However, there are some limitations. You can only access and use it on your Android PC or tablet. It is not compatible with Android phones.

Xiao is one of the Yaksha Guardians in Genshin Impact. His initial task was to fight the demons. However, as time went on, he was also often equated with experts such as Cloud Retainer, Moon Carver, and Ganyu in the game. The five-star Anemo character first appeared in February 2021. Most recently, the polearm user rerun banner returned in January 2022.

As for Genshin Impact The live wallpaper itself, is set in the Jueyun Karst region of Liyue. This is where the experts live. While Xiao is usually found around the Wangshu Inn, he has also appeared in this mountainous region for several story segments.

Any other Genshin Impact live wallpaper drops in February 2022. One features Albedo, and the other Eula.

Genshin Impact available for PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices. It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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