Genshin Impact Video Shows Yae Miko’s Skills in Solving Puzzles Easily

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The exciting Genshin Impact video shows that solving the world’s puzzles is a lot easier when the newly released Yae Miko character is on the field.

yae miko using verity kagura

Genshin Dampak Impact has taken the gaming industry by storm with a huge player base that is growing every day. With such a large audience, it’s not too surprising that new tricks are always being discovered, such as the highly effective puzzle solving strategy involving Yae Miko.

Genshin Dampak Impact update 2.5 officially adds the long-awaited Electro catalyst user Yae Miko to the playable roster, and players have started experimenting in choosing the right team composition and exploring the world. His unique playing style allows him to fit in most of the way Genshin Dampak Impact The parties.


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An interesting video posted by Reddit user Kaguya-Shinomiya on the game’s official subreddit features the recently released Yae Miko solving the world’s puzzles without much effort. Yae Miko’s elemental skills allow her to run short distances, leaving Sakuras Sesshou to deal periodic Electro damage. This allows Yae to solve these Electo-based puzzles by randomly activating puzzle statues and finally applying the right pattern.

His unique playing style allows a lot of creativity in beating opponents. However, even though there is a lot of hype surrounding Yae Miko, her fans have to accept the fact that she is a good character. One of its biggest advantages is that it is very easy to use as it does not require a specific set of artifacts. Even though it’s most likely to come Genshin Dampak Impact the update will bring a new set that suits their playing style, for now players have to settle for a hybrid set which has a hefty bonus.

Several leaks hinting that he was a major DPS character were quickly debunked once he officially joined the playable roster. This is why most players will most likely shy away from pulling it, especially since Hoyoverse confirmed the arrival of another fan favorite. Genshin Dampak Impact Raiden Shogun characters who were scheduled to receive their first banners are re-run.

Raiden Shogun has become one of, if not the most popular characters in the game, and he currently holds the record for being the most interesting character in a single banner cycle. Most five-stars are required to be drawn many times to build their constellation to awaken to their full potential, just like Xiao or Childe. Thankfully that’s not the case with Raiden Shogun as the difference between C0 and C6 isn’t too big for him, like most of the other characters. In any case, it seemed that those with Yae Miko could more easily solve the puzzle, giving it more value.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5 with a Switch version in development.

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