Genshin Impact Video Features Childe’s Weird Floating Animation

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The eye-catching screenshot of Genshin Impact features the popular character Tartaglia, better known as Childe, floating in the Golden House.

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Genshin Dampak Impact is an open world action RPG gacha game released in September 2020. The game takes place in the colorful world of Teyvat, home to seven different countries, all tied to certain elements. In addition to the beautiful scenery that the world has to offer, players sometimes encounter various unexpected scenes caused by random bugs.

Genshin Dampak Impact Disruptions are not a rare occurrence given the vast area to explore that the world of Teyvat has to offer. In fact, the latest post on the official Genshin Dampak Impact The subreddit revealed a very odd screenshot featuring one of the fan-favorite characters.


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Reddit user khershey24 has shared an interesting experience fighting Genshin Dampak Impact weekly boss Tartaglia, also known as Childe. The screenshot shows Fatui Harbinger floating around the Golden House. Although this scene seems very unnatural, many fans in the comments section revealed that it is actually a common bug. It seemed that looking up while Childe was in his third phase would often display his second form hovering over the battlefield.

Many fans find this bug quite symbolic as it represents Childe’s soul leaving his body, even though he didn’t die even after successfully completing this domain. It should be noted that Childe’s death was widely rumored in update 2.2 after miHoYo unexpectedly announced his second rerun banner, however, those rumors were quickly debunked once the update officially arrived. He is a very important part of the main one Genshin Dampak Impact story and will probably be the character who introduces the Traveler to a new big country called Snezhnaya.

Even though he’s one of the oldest limited five-star characters in the game, Childe remains one of the best DPS picks in the game. Genshin Dampak Impact for a particular team composition. He offers a unique playstyle with a strong focus on properly managing the cooldown of his skills. Tartaglia fights with a massive mix of Hydro-infused melee and ranged attacks. His main drawback is that he needs a good supporting cast to make up for his downtime in his long range position. He has no way of gathering mobs himself, so players will have to look for a support character with good crowd control skills.

If it wasn’t for the newly released one Genshin Dampak Impact Version 2.5, Childe will remain the only playable character in the game that has its own boss domain. ongoing Genshin Dampak Impact The update has added another weekly boss, and it’s a very familiar face. After much fan demand, Inazuma’s main antagonist, Raiden Shogun, was finally added to the game as a weekly boss. The official live broadcast 2.5 has also confirmed that he will be a part of Genshin Dampak Impact double banner next to Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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