Genshin Impact Trick Shows The Best Way To Fight The Famous Golden Wolf

Gesnhin Impact’s recent video shows how to defeat the popular Golden Wolflord boss more easily by using an interesting trick with Zhongli.

genshin impact normal boss golden wolford

Genshin Dampak ImpactThe world is full of monsters for players to kill to get certain rewards that will help them strengthen their character. While most enemies are fairly easy to defeat, certain boss domains require a bit more commitment in choosing the right tactics.

Fortunately, players always find shortcuts on certain kills Genshin Dampak Impact monsters in the most effective way. This time, an interesting video shows how to easily defeat a familiar boss that is not really a favorite among players.


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A video was recently posted on the official Genshin Dampak Impact The subreddit reveals an interesting trick that can help players defeat the Golden Wolflord boss. This normal boss is the lord of the famous Rifthound monster and can be found on Tsurumi Island. To kill this boss, the player must go through two phases. Once the enemy drops to around 50% HP, it spawns three Rifthound Skeletons that need to be destroyed to destroy the monster’s shield. Reddit user Tastytapy found a way to make this second phase seem like a piece of cake by simply placing a Zhongli pillar behind the first two skulls before finishing the third with his Elemental Burst.

The entire Rifthound family has become one of the main topics in the game since their re-introduction Genshin Dampak Impact Version 2.2. They become almost impossible to beat if the composition of the player team is melee which is mostly the case considering there are only two types of ranged weapons in the game. Elite Rifthound enemies have random jump animations that often make players miss an important Elemental Burst which can be frustrating, to say the least.

Now Genshin Dampak Impact update 2.5 has added another weekly boss, and it’s a very familiar face. After much fan demand, Inazuma’s main antagonist, Raiden Shogun, was finally added to the game as a weekly boss. The official 2.5 live stream has also confirmed that he will be a part of Genshin Dampak Impact double banner next to Sangonomiya Kokomi.

Since his release, Raiden Shogun might be the most popular Genshin Dampak Impact character, and he still holds the record for being the most attractive character in a limited number of banners. He is considered to be very strong Genshin Dampak Impact current support character, and perhaps the main choice for any team composition that has Energy issues. His best quality is probably that he is one of the most freely playable friendly characters in the game as he is a top tier supporter even at constellation zero.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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