Genshin Impact Trick Lets Player Undo Artifact Enhancement Animation

The interesting Genshin Impact video shows a small trick that allows players to level up their artifacts faster.

genshin impact - ayaka artifact menu

Genshin Dampak Impact known for its various colorful characters and unique ways to build them. One of the artifacts offered is that players can work with some kind of character buff system. On top of the immediate stat increase that each artifact grants, Genshin Dampak Impact players can benefit from bonuses that are triggered when themed sets are equipped on the same character.

Artifact collection has always been one of the core features of the item Genshin Dampak Impact builds that can make all the difference, especially in the later stages of the game considering that Spiral Abyss becomes more difficult with each update. Farming for the perfect artifact set has always been difficult and players end up with multiple sets with those useless stats.


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A levelable artifact that greatly increased its stats and the maximum level for a five-star artifact was 20. The only way to level up certain parts was to use another artifact as a level-up material. This could take a lot of time, especially if an artifact with low rarity was used as a material. Luckily an interesting trick posted by Reddit user MizoreRainy reveals how to shorten the leveling animation by simply clicking “Details” after starting the upgrade. This trick can save a lot of time especially for players who pile up their inventory with artifacts before leveling up.

Artifact collections are obtained in many ways through exploring, finding different types of Chests, or defeating elite enemies and bosses. However, the main way most players get the artifact pieces they want is through different Domains as they can to some extent choose the exact artifact they want. Every Genshin Dampak Impact Characters have the option to carry up to five different types of artifacts, each bringing the opportunity to drop a certain type of main stat and up to four sub-stats.

When it comes to deciding which one Genhsin Impact artifact pieces are acceptable, players usually follow the 3/4 rule which means that an artifact is considered decent enough if it contains three of the four desired sub-stats, provided the main stat must be correct. This way players can keep upgrading their pieces in the hope that the wrong substats won’t add up.

With that, it should be noted that Genshin Dampak Impact not as complex as other similar style games, the RNG system can still be frustrating for the hardcore grinder. Seems like more casual players wouldn’t mind if their main DPS character had an artifact with strong defense sub-stats. Excluding Spiral Abyss, most of the game’s content is pretty easy to get through, especially with flexible parties. Genshin Dampak Impact character.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, and a Nintendo Switch version in development.

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