Genshin Impact: The Best Weapon For Diona

Even though he has become a widely used character for banners recently in Genshin Dampak Impact, Diona is a character that saw her release early in the game’s release. A cat-tailed bartender from the Cat’s Tail of the same name in Mondstadt, Diona can be a tough character to pick a bow.

Diona is a Cryo bow user and an excellent healer in Genshin Dampak Impact. He has two main features that set him apart: the Cryo Shield associated with his elemental skills (which is also the source of his powerful Cryo activation), and the AoE healing associated with his elemental explosion. Therefore, players should plan to choose a weapon for Diona based on this area, as she only has limited DPS potential.

Sacrificial Bow

sacrificial bow from genshin clash

  • Basic ATK: 565
  • Sub-State: Energy Refill 30.6%
  • Affect: After dealing damage to an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a 40% chance of ending its own CD. It can only happen once every 30s.

The Sacrificial Bow is the first of the two bows that best matches Diona’s skills. Bows have a unique cooldown canceling feature, giving players the opportunity to use Diona’s skills twice in one instance. The benefits are easy to see, increasing the rate of energy production, and therefore, the rate at which Diona can activate her healing circle.

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In this way, the Sacrificial Bow is the perfect bow to build an empowerment-centered Diona Genshin impact. The bow increases the number of tracking missiles Diona can unleash in one go, making Cryo applications for groups of more than three easier. In addition, he will be able to use his explosions more often to increase application and healing.

Favonius Warbow

favonius warbow from genshin dampak impact
  • Basic ATK: 454
  • Sub-State: Energy Refill 61.3%
  • Affect: CRIT hits have a 60% chance of generating a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only happen once every 12 seconds.

Second of the two, the Favonius Warbow is great for players who want to use its healing abilities more often than with the Sacrificial Bow.

Like the Sacrificial Bow, the Favonius Warbow serves to make Diona’s elemental burst more common. However, unlike the first, Favonius Warbow does this by regenerating extra energy particles directly. Favonius Warbow has a chance to regenerate additional Elemental Particles with a critical hit, which goes straight for Diona’s healing element explosion.

The Favonius Warbow is slightly more stats-efficient than the Sacrificial Bow; it has double the recharge energy (which is one of the Genshin Impact’s interesting stats), and abilities that target Diona’s elemental blasts more directly. However, for players who wish to use Diona to activate her abilities, using the Sacrificial Bow will increase the output of her elemental and burst skills.

Recurve Bow

recurve bow from genshin benturan impact
  • Basic ATK: 354
  • Sub-State: 46.9% HP
  • Affect: Defeating opponents recovers 8~16% HP.

Among the 3-Star bows, the Recurve Bow is the most suitable for Diona. The bow skill gives 8% HP back after defeating an opponent, making it perfect for players who like to use Diona for longer periods of time.

However, what makes the Recurve Bow the most suitable for Diona is how it targets her healing scale. Recurve Bow Offer HP% increase as a bonus effect instead of energy refilling, making healing enhancements based on quality over quantity. This is most ideal for heavy-defense teams with high health, as they will require healing less often but at a greater amount.

In general, the Recurve Bow is the most accessible to Diona, as it will be found in large numbers during the player’s journey. Recurve Bows can be found in chests around the world, as well as through Go on the Wind sub-quest, and once by talking to Nakano at Ritou, Inazuma.

How To Choose Another Bow For Diona

diona cat tail

Generally, the three bows above are the only weapons in Genshin Dampak Impact which greatly benefits Diona in all areas: sub-stats, abilities, etc. However, just like in other areas (such as Genshin Dampak Impact‘s most popular character), not all players will have access to this arc. If the Recurve Bow is not to the player’s taste, they can improve Diona’s gameplay by increasing her elemental skills/burst strength. In particular, bows that increase this area include:

  • Gang hunter
  • Moon Moon
  • Pole Star
  • No Strap

That said, the ability of this bow isn’t always straightforward, and players may not see the same results based on this fact. If the player has a Sacrificial Bow, Favonius Warbow, or Recurve Bow available, they must equip Diona with these before another bow is found in the area. Genshin impact.

The Most Optimal Build

split image of diona from genshin dampak impact

There are generally two different build types that players can use for Diona in Genshin Impact: Activator (support) builds, and Healer. Which weapons and artifacts are best for Diona will largely depend on which of these two playing styles the player decides to use.


Players who wish to use Diona as an enabler will want equip him with the Bow of Sacrifice if they can. This will increase the output of his Cryo paws homing, effectively doubling the output of his app.

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In addition, players also want to invest in Four parts of Millelith’s Persistence artifact set, as it will increase his teammates’ ATK and shield power when he uses his elemental skills. It can also replace Noblesse Oblige for players who want to focus on their burst damage.


For Diona’s build healer, players are advised to invest in Favonius Warbow, which will increase its energy charge even more than the Sacrificial Bow. Generally, players want to increase Diona’s elemental blast power before they increase her normal skills or attacks.

As far as artifacts are concerned, players will want Girl Lover four pieces arrange. This is a collection of iconic healing artifacts, increasing Healing Effectiveness, and healing received after using his elemental skill/burst for a short time.

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