Genshin Impact: Sea Ganoderma Location

With the launch Genshin Dampak ImpactIn update 1.6, there are various new character enhancement materials for players to collect in the Golden Apple Islands. One of the most prominent new items that Genshin Dampak Impact Players will find throughout the archipelago is the Sea Ganoderma plant.

With its fluorescent blue color, Sea Ganoderma can be easily spotted when crossing new territory. While plants have no use at this time in the game, Sea Ganoderma is a necessary character enhancement material for Kazuha’s upcoming banner. Overall, players will need 168 Sea Ganoderma to raise Kazuha’s level from 0-90. Since the number of Sea Ganoderma that appears on the Archipelago map is limited, it will take some farming to get all the necessary ascension materials.


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Updated on February 17, 2022, by Nahda Nabiilah: While the availability of the Golden Apple Archipelago may not last long, Sea Ganoderma remains a local specialty that can be obtained at Genshin Impact. Today, blue plants can be found throughout the shallow waters of Inazuma. With the release of Yae Miko in Version 2.6, Sea Ganoderma became a desirable resource once again.

According to the Teyvat Interactive Map, there are 155 plants that can be collected throughout the region, and five in Enkanomiya. Since players would need 168 to fully upgrade the character, they would have to wait for the item to reappear, or attack another Traveler’s world. Alternatively, every three days, five Sea Ganoderma can be purchased from Obata in Ritou, Inazuma.

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Location of Marine Ganoderma in Inazuma

In Inazuma, Sea Ganoderma can be found on every island, including Enkanomiya. In Enkanomiya, five Sea Ganoderma can be found in the watery area of ​​the Evernight Shrine, near the westernmost Teleport Waypoint. As for the other locations, players can refer to the image below.

Narukami Island

Location of Sea Ganoderma on Narukami Island Genshin Impact

On Narukami Island, there are 22 Sea Ganoderma available. Some of them require players to use their Waverider and reach remote islands.

Kannazuka Island

Location of Sea Ganoderma at Tatarasuna Genshin Impact

Meanwhile, in Kannazuka, most of the Sea Ganoderma can be found around the home of Conch Takashi, while a few others grow around military encampments.

Watatsumi Island

Location of Sea Ganoderma on Watatsumi Genshin Impact Island

The marine ganoderma at Watatsumi are scattered throughout the area, but none of them are complicated to access, unlike the ones in Narukami. Players can also go to Fort Mumei to get more resources.

Seirai Island

Location of Sea Ganoderma on Seirai Island Genshin Impact

Some of the Sea Ganoderma in Seirai are far from Teleport Waypoints, but many can be collected easily. To reach distant islands, players can use the nearby Teleport Waypoint Genshin Dampak Impact Boss Thunder Manifestation. Because it is located at a very high place, it allows people to glide easily to the islands around Seirai.

Tsurumi Island

Location of Sea Ganoderma on Tsurumi Genshin Impact Pulau Island

There aren’t many Sea Ganoderma in Tsurumi, but they’re all easy to get, so players shouldn’t miss this location.

Location of Sea Ganoderma in the Golden Apple Islands

Notes: The Golden Apple Archipelago is only available in Version 1.6, so this area is currently inaccessible.

Location of Genshin Impact Sea Ganoderma

Sea Ganoderma spawning operates similarly to the Starconch site in Liyue and can be found along the coasts of the archipelago and nest in shallow reefs. Players should note that some of these spawn locations are found adjacent to enemy camps, so players should be prepared to fight Hilichurl on their way.

Genshin Impact Sea Ganoderma On The Map

In the Golden Apple Archipelago there are a total of 57 Sea Ganoderma that can be farmed in one run. This will require players to complete 3 rounds if they want to get the maximum amount required for Kazuha’s rise.

Genshin Impact . golden apple islands map

Players should note that like other plants in Mondstadt and Liyue, the respawn rate for Sea Ganoderma is between 2 and 3 days. As a result, players wanted to plan their farms carefully so they had the necessary amount before the Golden Apple Islands territory was no longer available.

Genshin Impact sea ganoderma

It’s worth noting that miHoYo has addressed the concerns of many fans by stating that all newly added material available on Apple’s Golden Islands will remain available once the region is no longer accessible. This likely means that with Inazuma’s upcoming expansion drawing near, Sea Ganoderma and Marionette Cores will be available in new territories.

Due to the location of the Golden Apple Archipelago, some Sea Ganoderma cultivation locations might be difficult to obtain and players would have to use their Waverider to travel long distances. Due to this map layout, for players who don’t plan on rolling out Kazuha’s banner on day 1, it’s recommended to wait for the material to be added in the Inazuma update as it will likely be a lot easier to farm.

Genshin Dampak Impact available for Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5, with a Switch version in development.

Source: Teyvat . Interactive Map

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