Genshin Impact: Sangonomiya Kokomi Beginner’s Mistake

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The release of Sangonomiya Kokomi in Genshin Dampak Impact was one of the biggest failures in the history of the game banner. As cute as his design is, he’s far from decent in the meta, even after HoYoverse tries to improve healer survival in game content.

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Luckily, now, more people are embracing the idea of ​​having Kokomi on . they Genshin Dampak Impact team. Some of them might be impressed by the Ocean-Hued Clam, while others just fell victim to its weapon banner. However, as Priestess will be joining more parties soon, Kokomi owners should be aware of the common mistakes players make when playing Sangonomiya Kokomi.

7 Underestimating the Healing Bonus

Barbara with the Healing Bonus artifact

The Healing Bonus is usually only useful for increasing the amount of health regenerated by a character’s healing ability. However, for Sangonomiya Kokomi, this stat also increases his Auto Attack Damage when his Elemental Burst is active.

In fact, using Healing Bonus Circlet in Sangonomiya Kokomi is better than accumulating HP% Without thinking. So when building Kokomi, remember not to choose more health over this stat. However, note that the Healing Bonus Circlet is one of the rarest items to drop Genshin Dampak Impactso it might take some patience to get it.


6 Not Customizing Artifact Sets By Role

Is Ocean-Hued Clam better than Heart of Depths for Kokomi

Initially, Kokomi’s DPS potential was often considered unsatisfactory. However, with the release of Ocean-Hued Clam, Priestess can now take on multiple roles on the team. This flexibility means players need to know what they want with their Kokomi and customize their gear based on that.

Here are the best gear for each Kokomi role:

  • Healer Builds: Catalysts with HP% like Everlasting Moonglow and Prototype Amber are good choices. For the artifact, 4-Maiden Beloved is the best choice to maximize its healing.
  • Build Support: Kokomi must use weapons that provide buffs such as Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers or Hakushin Ring. Use 4-Tenacity of the Millelith for the set.
  • Build Sub-DPS: As Sub-DPS, Kokomi will not be the main focus of the team. Hence, he would need an Energy boost to recharge his Burst. Choose an Energy Recharge or Catalyst weapon that provides Energy through its passive. For artifacts, 4-Ocean-Hued Clam is the best choice.
  • Main DPS Build: Since Kokomi will be the star of the team, players must focus on having enough Genshin Dampak Impact Batteries to feed his Burst. With special Batteries, Priestess will not need Energy Recharge weapons. Instead, choose HP or ATK Catalysts such as Everlasting Moonglow, Skyward Atlas, or Prototype Amber. Just like Sub-DPS builds, 4-Ocean-Hued Clam is a must for this role.

5 Building It On Crit

Kokomi's Story Quest in Genshin Impact

Since her announcement, Kokomi has become a living meme with the fact that she has a passive -100% Crit Rate. This makes one wonder if Kokomi can achieve a positive score in the Crit Rate or is she meant to be never Critics? Many players will find ways to increase their Critical Level, with 4-Blizzard Strayer + Cryo Resonance being the most popular idea.

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After Sangonomiya Kokomi is released, it becomes clear that Priestess Watatsumi can of course Critical. However, while this meme build has proven successful, building Kokomi on Crit is far from optimal. It’s better if players ignore this idea completely.

4 Prioritizing Attacks Over HP

genshin impact geo specter kokomi

Since Kokomi can be built as Ultimate DPS now, some might think that they should equip it with an Attack artifact. Nevertheless, the Priestess’s damage increased significantly thanks to the Ocean-Hued Clam. The artifact deals AoE damage that scales to Kokomi’s accumulated healing in a span of 3 seconds.

Because the Strategist’s healing scales with his HP, building it up in Attack means the player will heal less. Less healing means less Ocean-Hued Clam damage. Eventually, it will end with Kokomi losing a decent amount of DPS.

3 Underestimating F2P Weapons

Catalyst Billets at Genshin Impact

Usually, F2P guns are far less preferred than their gacha counterparts. However, for Kokomi, she really does a good job Genshin Dampak Impact forgeable weapons. Considering how Everlasting Moonglow is largely not worth the investment (since only Kokomi can make full use of it), players are strongly advised to opt for the free Catalyst instead.

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HP% catalyst, Amber Prototype, is an excellent choice for Kokomi, and it suits him no matter which role-player Kokomi wants. Furthermore, if one were to spare five Billets, then this item could approach Everlasting Moonglow in performance.

2 Prioritizing the Wrong Talent

Kokomi's Talent at Genshin Impact

Normally, if the character was going to play the Main DPS role, players would naturally increase their Normal Attack talent. Unfortunately, the same is not true for Sangonomiya Kokomi. Even as Main DPS, his Normal Attack is not as important as Burst. hers.

Therefore, in terms of talent priority, here are the details for each role:

  • Healer Builds: Only upgrade Elemental Skills
  • Build Support: Only upgrade Elemental Skills
  • Build Sub-DPS: Elemental Burst = Elemental Skill > Normal Attack
  • Main DPS Build: Elemental Burst > Elemental Skill > Normal Attack

1 Not Knowing Hydro Resonance

Hydro Resonance at Genshin Impact

Before Kokomi got her hands on her specific artifact set, activating Hydro Resonance on the team was mostly overkill. This synergy increases the Incoming Heal Bonus by 30%, which isn’t bad, but considering Kokomi’s own healing is already incredible, this effect will probably be wasted. In addition, it is important to note that Kokomi’s Elemental Burst only benefits from the Healing Bonus, which is different from the Incoming Healing Bonus.

Fortunately, with Ocean-Hued Clam, higher healing would result in higher damage. So if players are using Kokomi as Main DPS, then placing another Hydro character in the team can make a lot of difference. It is recommended to put Xingqiu there because he is the best Hydro Battery in Genshin Dampak Impact. Disciple Guhua will help restore Kokomi’s Burst and trigger Elemental Resonance.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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