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There are a myriad of furnishing blueprints in Genshin Dampak Impact, which players can use to craft items for their homes in the Serenitea Pot. Many of these blueprints can be purchased from the Tubby the Teapot Spirit Realm Depot, though that’s not the only way to obtain them. Indeed, it is possible to purchase some furnishing blueprints with Mora from several vendors outside the teapot area, and this guide details their location.

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Updated on February 20, 2022, by Scott Vengel: Genshin Impact has moved at a speed not seen in the first part of its development. Over and over, Inazuma has seen new additions after new additions, from the first release to Seirai Island to Tsurumi Island to the latest developments in Enkanomiya (besides the rumors about Abyss and Sumeru). Interestingly, in addition to new features such as fishing, the state is also a big influence on the furniture system in Pot Serenitea. This article will be updated to include format changes for the two vendors of furniture blueprints Genshin Impact, as well as other furniture collection methods related to Tsurumi Island.

Mondstadt – Ludwig Goth

ludwig gothic from genshin dampak impact

The first furniture blueprint vendor in Genshin Dampak Impact named Goth, and he can be found near the windmill at the southern end of the city of Mondstadt. At the time of writing, this NPC had four blueprints on offer, and each of them cost 50,000 Mora.

Ludwig Goth, the namesake of the Goth Grand Hotel, was found at noon in the park south of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. He sold a total of four blueprints, each for 25000 or 50000 Mora. This includes:

Goods Cost
Dead Wood Road Sign 25,000
Simple One Person Tent 50,000
Lightning Protection Tent 50,000
Adventure Camp 50,000

Notably, Goths only appear during the day, and players who don’t see them while visiting the aforementioned locations simply adjust their in-game hours.

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Liyue – Mr Lu

master lu of genshin impact

The second furniture blueprint vendor was named Master Lu, and players had to look for him on the south side of Qingce Village. As was the case with Goths, this NPC offerings came at a price of 50,000 Mora each, even though Master Lu only had three blueprints at the moment.

Exclusive furniture vendor Liyue sold a total of three blueprints, each for 50000 Mora. This includes:

Goods Cost
“The Adventurer’s Burden” 50,000
Ancient Tree and Stone Twixt Dialog 50,000
Lonely and Cautious Adventurer 50,000

For players who might be having a hard time tracking down one of these vendors or just want more details on their blueprint, the following video will ease the confusion.

Apart from furniture vendors, there are a variety of different ways to collect furniture sets in Genshin impact. First, players can purchase furniture directly from their Serenitea Pot in the Realm Depot, by completing tutorial objectives, as well as from Chubby the Traveling Salesman. On the other hand, players can also receive furniture as a reward in the reputation system, or by opening chests on Tsurumi Island.

tsurumi chest from genshin benturan impact

For the record, while it is possible that the blueprints sold by Goth and Master Lu will be updated from time to time, there is currently no indication that this will happen. As such, players should expect to buy most of their blueprints from Tubby with Realm Currency, and fans are therefore advised to work on increasing their Adeptal Energy Rating.

This is done by placing new furniture in and around the house in the Serenitea Pot, and it will increase the accumulation rate of Realm Currency.

glowing and fat from the impact of genshin

One final thing to mention is that the Teapot Mobile Vendors will visit the player realms every weekend, and they should have some extra blueprints to sell. Furthermore, it is recommended that these vendors do not offer the same items to everyone, and Genshin Dampak Impact Fans will be able to travel to their friends’ homes to purchase items not available in their own realm.

However, Teapot Traveling Salesman merchandise is purchased with Realm Currency, and therefore players may want to start stockpiling this currency as the weekend approaches.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5.

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