Genshin Impact Players Think They’ve Known Bennet’s Age

One Genshin Impact fan started a huge discussion to provide the answer to one of the most difficult questions in the game, how old is Bennett?

genshin impact bennett karakter character

Birthdays are important events in the world Genshin Impact, And each character has their own birthday, which is celebrated in all of the game’s social media communities. Developer Hoyoverse even sent out an in-game message containing a small symbolic gift that represented each character.

Genshin Dampak ImpactBennett is the only remaining member of his famous adventure team, as his teammates always abandon him due to magnetism leading to bad luck. Unfortunately for them, he still remains an asset to any party.


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The game calendar follows the real life Gregorian calendar, meaning it’s pretty easy to follow anything Genshin Dampak Impact character’s birthday and how old they are. But it’s tradition for one question to arise at this time of year – how old is Bennett? All that is known for now is that he was born on a leap day. Interesting discussion about officials Genshin Dampak Impact The subreddit garnered a lot of attention as Reddit user rzdel tried to address this issue. The first theory revealed he was most likely 18 at this point, but once the comments section came in, the Reddit thread was edited with the final conclusion that he can be of any age.

Fans are enjoying the fact that the Hoyoverse decided to give Bennett a birthday this year because it fits his character revolving around an incredible bad luck. However, despite the bad luck he encounters, he is full of passion for adventure. Unlike Bennett, players who had spent their Primogems to acquire on limited banners naturally earned gold considering he was widely regarded as one of the strongest backers in the world. Genshin Dampak Impact.

Bennett is probably the best four-star character overall for a very long time thanks to his stackable and flexible gear. He is still the main support for most team compositions that require strong healers or damage buffers. He shines most when his build emphasizes buffing his allies for extra damage. Bennett’s ideal support build should revolve around recharging Energy and HP.

One of her other strengths is that she can create lots of elemental energy and particles allowing players to recharge their elemental blasts faster. His Elemental Skill (Passion Overload) can produce a decent amount of particles, and has a low cooldown. This is very useful for Genshin Dampak Impact a character that has energy that includes some of the newest additions to the roster. He is probably one of the best “battery characters” in the popular co-op game Genshin Dampak Impact Raiden Shogun character who is still considered the savior of the Energy-dependent team.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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