Genshin Impact Players Think Game Might Tempt New Elements

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Genshin Dampak ImpactElement’s is at the heart of the game not only for the design of the many playable characters, but also for the overall edge of each Teyvat region. Popular RPG MiHoYo has so far divided the playable characters among six of the seven main elements found in Teyvat, with many believing the arrival of Dendro, Genshin Dampak Impactthe seventh element, will arrive before the end of 2022. Now, a recent event has game fans speculating that MiHoYo’s latest event might tease the addition of the previously unknown seventh element.


Since Genshin Dampak Impact first released in October 2020, various elements have become the core mechanics of gacha RPG gameplay. Attacking enemies with two different elemental attacks provides a variety of different Elemental Reactions from freezing enemies to creating shields and many players build their teams to maximize the effectiveness of certain elements. The seventh major element announced with the game, Dendro, has so far seen enemies but no playable characters yet. Now, the recent Three Realms Gate Offer event was on Genshinthe Enkanomiya region might hint at the upcoming addition of an eighth element.

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Recent events in Genshin Dampak Impact assigns players traveling throughout Enkanomiya to collect Light Sigils in exchange for rewards such as weapons, Primogems, and event-exclusive materials. While this event is pretty standard fare compared to other events, Light Sigils gets players talking about the odd source of the event. The Light Sigil bears a striking resemblance to other similar elemental sigils found in other regions and obtained in similar ways, such as opening chests and activating Teleport Waypoints.

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While miHoYo made no official statement regarding the potential new light-themed elements, fans of the developer’s other games were quick to point out the similarities to events that took place in other miHoYo flagship games, Honkai Impact 3rd. honkai also had a mysterious type known as ‘Imaginary’ implemented alongside the game’s ‘Quantum’ typing, but didn’t see a full release for a significant amount of time after. Fans are also speculating that the existence of ‘Quantum’ and ‘Imaginary’ in Honkai Impact 3rd might suggest miHoYo might intend to add dark and light themed types to the Genshin Dampak Impact.

While the new light-based typing will likely introduce a lot of new gameplay mechanics into Genshin, Dendro is likely to come long before the introduction of the Light element. A recent leak suggests that the game’s third full region, Sumeru, is likely to arrive this summer with the region’s central theme based on unreleased elements.

Genshin Dampak Impact also has several options for introducing Dendro elements arriving in Sumeru, with story characters Baizhu and Yaoyao leaking, both sharing those elements. Between new elements, territories and characters, Genshin Dampak Impact should have plenty for fans for the rest of 2022.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available for PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices. A Switch version is under development.

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