Genshin Impact Player Recreates Mario Kart Race Tracks in Serenitea Pot

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The fan-made creations at Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact feature exciting race tracks inspired by the popular Mario Kart track.

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Since adding the housing system back in update 1.5, Genshin Dampak Impact players have shared their favorite designs for their homes online and teamed up with friends.

every new Genshin Dampak Impact The update brings many new events for players to enjoy. From temporary events like Windtrace to permanent features like fishing systems, there’s a lot in-game for players to enjoy while new content is in the works. However, some of them have the same impact as the popular Serenitea Pot.


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A recent post on official Genshin Dampak Impact the subreddit shows a fan-made race track at Pot Serentea. It was inspired by the Rainbow Road trail from Mario Kartowhich is usually the last Special Cup course in Mario Karto series. This video features four different players racing through this course using various characters who have a special type of running or running as part of their kit. Sayu seemed to be the best character to use in this kind of activity as holding down the elemental skill button allowed her to roll for a very long time. Characters like Mona or Ayaka are also suitable because of their unique sprint mechanics.

This creative design has caught the attention of many fans as the post reached more than 7k upvotes. This post left many players wondering why the game doesn’t offer a public Serenitea Pot which allows players to join in and enjoy its content from across servers. It wouldn’t be surprising if miHoYo decided to fulfill their wish at some point because for the most part Genshin Dampak Impact The update brings new additions to this system.

For many players, the introduction of housing in Genshin Dampak Impact is a big problem. Players can finally have their own little piece of Teyvat to decorate as they see fit, and it offers a place for characters not currently in their party to hang out. For those who are just getting their hands on the game, they are definitely excited to start customizing the contents, but players need to know how to enter the Serenitea Pot first.

Genshin Dampak Impact Themed content is often created in other games like Minecraft which gives a lot of room for creativity. Recently Minecraft The megaproject created by the talented builder known as DawnArcho reveals many iconic locations from the world of Teyvat. He even went so far as to create the iconic loading screen beams and pillars.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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