Genshin Impact Leaker’s Hints On Release Date and Yelan Scarcity

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The recent Genshin Impact leak seems to reveal more information about one of the upcoming characters, a mysterious Hydro arc user named Yelan.

leaked images for the new character genshin impact yelan

one of Genshin Dampak ImpactIts main attraction is its unique character design which makes this game a global success with the player base growing every day. Genshin Dampak Impact Character leaks are a more common occurrence these days, usually helping to create a lot of hype for upcoming roster additions a few months before their official release.

MiHoYo has introduced an interesting pattern of officially announcing new characters on the day the beta begins, perhaps because both will be leaking. Genshin Dampak Impactsocial media accounts have confirmed Kamisato Ayato as the new one Genshin Dampak Impact characters that will arrive in update 2.6. Each update has a beta phase that starts at the start of the previous update.


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Yelan is a name that appears in many Genshin Dampak Impact leak which means that there is a chance for it to arrive in the next update. Several beta leaks for the 2.6 update have revealed the in-game model, but it’s unlikely that she will be added to the playable list for the update as there is no information about her abilities. A popular leaker named Ubatcha1 has revealed more information including a possible release in update 2.7 sometime in mid-May. In terms of his combat abilities, he is expected to become the user of the new Hydro bow which will make him the second character to use this weapon-elemental combination. Yelan will most likely be a five-star character that will come together Genshin Dampak Impact double banner run again.

He doesn’t seem to be the only Hydro character arriving in the upcoming update as many leaks predict the arrival of the head of the Kamisato clan, Ayato. The fact that Ayato is a Hydro character means he can have great synergy with his little sister Ayaka who has a unique play style. Several leaks had confirmed that Ayato’s rise stats were Crit damage meaning that he would most likely become the strong one. Genshin Dampak Impact DPS character. The video shows that his Elemental Burst periodically deals Hydro damage over a large area which means he can also have powerful sub-DPS abilities.

The majority of the community is already claiming that Ayato’s design has exceeded all expectations even though the final damage figures haven’t even been released. Several in-game NPCs had stated that Ayato was a skilled sword and polearm user, however, it seems miHoYo decided to equip him with a sword. Previously Genshin Dampak Impact leaks have revealed that his Elemental skill is named the Art of Shuumatsu, and it allows Ayato to dash to the side while throwing his empty shell of himself taunting the enemy.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, and a Nintendo Switch version in development.

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