Genshin Impact Leak Shows Ayato’s Gameplay With All Constellations

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A recent Genshin Impact leak revealed a gameplay video featuring the upcoming character Ayato with all six levels of the constellation.

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Genshin Dampak Impact has introduced an interesting pattern of releasing new five-star characters in addition to rerunning double banners with each new update. The game’s official social media accounts have confirmed the arrival of Hydro user Kamisato Ayato.

Ayato’s appearance seemed a bit more graceful and proper which reflected his great importance to Genshin Dampak Impact Inazuma area. He is a master of government affairs and a leader known for bringing stability to the Kamisato clan. Many NPC voice channels depicted Ayato as generous and mature as well as a skilled warrior.


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Constellations are featured in Genshin Dampak Impact which serves as a way to upgrade characters when players get duplicates. Recent leaks about popular ones Genshin Dampak Impact A subreddit leak has revealed a video featuring Ayato at max constellation levels. According to some beta leaks, his final constellation has the following effect: After using his Elemental Skill, Ayato’s next attack will deal two additional attacks when it hits an opponent, each dealing 300% of his Attack as damage.

Although the two additional clones that appear after using his skill look pretty impressive, most fans agree that it’s still a bit of a letdown for the final constellation. Thankfully this could mean that Ayato could be a free-to-play friendly character whose constellation doesn’t make as much difference as it did with Xiao’s Conqueror Of Evil: Guardian Yaksha C6 level. Several leaks had confirmed that Ayato’s rise stats were Crit damage meaning that he would most likely become the strong one. Genshin Dampak Impact DPS character. He can also have a strong sub-DPS ability considering his Elemental Burst periodically deals Hydro damage over a large area.

Ayato is also confirmed to be a Hydro character, which means he has great synergy with his sister Ayaka, which is one of the most unique. Genshin Dampak Impact character. Much like his sister, Ayato’s official art shows him wielding a sword, which would make him the second Hydro sword character after Xingqiu. When it comes to the release date, others Genshin Dampak Impact The leaker has revealed that it could appear in the first banner for the 2.6 update, which according to miHoYo’s usual update schedule, will arrive around April 10, 2022.

He was originally rumored to be released alongside the four-star character, Shikanoin Heizou. Unfortunately, there is not much information about Heizou other than that he is a popular detective Inazuma who works for the Tenryu Commission. His unique investigative manner often gives the impression that he prioritizes tasks over tasks that make him disliked by his superiors such as the famous character Kojou Sara.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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