Genshin Impact Leak Hint in Heizou’s Shikanoin Element

The Multiple Genshin Impact leak reveals more information about one of the upcoming characters, the mysterious detective Shikanoin Heizou.

genshin impact of all seven elements

Every Genshin Dampak Impact The update brings a lot of content including new characters and exciting territories to explore. Hoyoverse has introduced a new pattern to add a new limited five-star character in addition to the two banners that replay in a single update.

Recent Genshin Dampak Impact The leak has revealed more information about a new mysterious character named Shikanoin Heizou. He was originally rumored to be released alongside the recently announced Hydro user – Kamisato Ayato.

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Except Eula, everyone Genshin Dampak Impact characters that have been added to the playable roster had a series of leaks prior to their official release. Latest update by credible Genshin Dampak Impact A leaker account named SaveYourPrimos has revealed more information about Shikanoin Heizou. The leaker claims that according to some insiders, Heizou may be equipped with Anemo elements. When it comes to her rarity, she is also predicted to be a new one Genshin Dampak Impact a four-star Anemo character which makes him the fourth character with this element and rarity.

Shikanoin Heizou is a popular detective Inazuma who works for the Tenryuo Commission. His unique investigative way often gives the impression that he prioritizes work over tasks that make him disliked by his superiors like famous people. Genshin Dampak Impact Kojou Sara’s character. Previous leaks have also hinted that he may be the smallest character in the game and has a goofy mustache.

Although a few weeks ago, several leaks had hinted that Heizou could arrive as a four-star character alongside the long-awaited Kamisato Ayato, his absence from Genshin Dampak ImpactThe official announcement has confirmed that the release schedule has been moved. Unlike Heizou, there was a lot of information about Kamisato Ayato who was the head of the popular Kamisato clan. He is confirmed to be a Hydro character which means he can have great synergy with his sister, Ayaka.

Ayato has become one of the most anticipated characters in the game along with the recently released Yae Miko. Fans went into a frenzy when his voice was teased in the official video on the theory that his arrival might be sooner than the community expected. Many in-game NPCs have revealed that Ayato is a skilled sword and polearm user, however, it looks like the Hoyoverse decided to equip him with a sword. According to before Genshin Dampak Impact leak, his Elemental skill is called Shuumatsu Art, and it allows him to dash sideways while throwing hydro clones that taunt the enemy.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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