Genshin Impact: Kujou Sara’s Ascension Material

Originally released together Raiden Shogun in the Genshin Dampak ImpactInazuma update, Kujou Sara is the second game electric arc user. A general of the Tenryou Commission, Kujou Sara navigates the battlefield tactfully and calmly, polishing your team while dealing with Electro’s thunderous attacks of her own.

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Kujou Sara is a special supporter who may not be the strongest, but she will only grow in relevance as Genshin Impact introduces more Electro characters like Yae Miko. Plus, because he is 4 star character, Kujou Sara’s constellation was a little more attainable than the others as she continued to appear on the banner. So, there’s no better time than now to level up Kujou Sara for your team, and this guide will tell you all the ingredients needed to do just that.


Kujou Sara’s Ascension Material

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Ascension Phase Necessary materials
  • 20,000 Mora
  • 1 Piece of Vajrada Amethyst
  • 3 Dendrobium
  • 3 Broken Masks
  • 40,000 Mora
  • 3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragments
  • 2 Storm Beads
  • 10 Dendrobium
  • 15 Broken Masks
  • 60,000 Mora
  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Fragments
  • 4 Storm Beads
  • 20 Dendrobium
  • 12 Blemish Masks
  • 80,000 Mora
  • 3 Pieces of Vajrada Amethyst
  • 8 Storm Beads
  • 30 Dendrobium
  • 18 Blemish Masks
  • 100,000 Mora
  • 6 Pieces of Vajrada Amethyst
  • 12 Storm Beads
  • 45 Dendrobium
  • 12 Unpleasant Masks
  • 120,000 Mora
  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstones
  • 20 Storm Beads
  • 60 Dendrobium
  • 24 Unpleasant Masks

The material costs indicated at each step are independent of each other, not cumulative.

In addition to the above ingredients, you will also need a little more than 415 Hero’s Intelligencetogether 1,673,400 Mora, to increase Kujou Sara’s level to 90/90. If this seems too expensive, remember that most of the support works pretty well around the 60/70 level, so you can stop its development there if you run out of funds.

Kujou Sara’s Talent Material

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Talent Level Necessary materials
  • 12,500 Mora
  • 6 Broken Masks
  • 3 Teachings of Elegance
  • 17,500 Mora
  • 3 Stain Masks
  • 2 Guide to Elegance
  • 25,000 Mora
  • 4 Blemish Masks
  • 4 Guide to Elegance
  • 30,000 Mora
  • 6 Blemish Masks
  • 6 Guide to Elegance
  • 37,500 Mora
  • 9 Stain Masks
  • 9 Elegance Guide
  • 120,000 Mora
  • 4 Unpleasant Masks
  • 4 Philosophy of Elegance
  • 1 Ashen Heart
  • 260,000 Mora
  • 6 Unpleasant Masks
  • 6 Philosophy of Elegance
  • 1 Ashen Heart
  • 450,000 Mora
  • 9 Scary Masks
  • 12 Philosophy of Elegance
  • 2 pale hearts
  • 700,000 Mora
  • 12 Unpleasant Masks
  • 16 Philosophy of Elegance
  • 2 pale hearts
  • 1 Crown of Insight

The chart above shows the material costs for one talent, so you should multiply the value by three if you want to maximize all of Kujou Sara’s abilities. Again, this is very expensive, so make sure you prioritize leveling his Skill and Burst before his Normal Attack, and also consider leaving his Talent around level seven.

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Where to Find Kujou Sara’s Ingredients

genshin sara's skills

Storm Bead dropped by Thunder Manifest (aka “Electro Oceanid”) on Seirai Island. This boss reappears every few minutes, and defeating it will earn you around 1-3 Storm Beads at a cost of 40 Resin.

All shapes Vajrada Amethyst have a chance to drop from the following Weekly Bosses: Azdaha, Storm terror, Shogunand child. They can also descend from these Normal Bosses: the Bathysmal Vishap Herdthat Electro Hypostaticthat Primo Geovishapand Thunder Manifest.

Fighting Thunder Manifestations is your best bet here as you can acquire Storm Beads at the same time. Remember, too, that you can Skill Vajrada Amethyst to make larger pieces out of smaller ones.

Dendrobium can be collected in the wild on Kannazuka and Yashiori Island. Nazuchi Beach in particular is a great place to find this — watch out for all the hostile Nobushi.

Broken Mask, Stain Maskand unpleasant mask can be sourced from Hilichurls of different levels. Navigate to the high-level Hilichurl camp using Adventurer’s Handbook to plant this mask most efficiently.

The Teaching of Elegance, Guide to Eleganceand Philosophy of Elegance can be obtained through purple field Domain every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. Bring a team with Electro characters if you want to delete this domain as quickly as possible, and use thick resin to reduce the number of times you have to complete it.

pale heart is one of the ingredients that the Weekly Boss might have La Signora fell to his defeat. Liquid Moment and Hellfire Butterfly is another item he might drop, but these can be turned into Ashen Hearts by using Dream solvent if you really want it.

Finally, Crown of Insight used to bring Kujou Sara’s Talent to its highest level and can only be obtained through a Limited Time Event. Check out the Genshin Impact event calendar if you want to get more of this for your favorite archers.

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