Genshin Impact Kokomi best build for 2.5

Want to know the best Kokomi Genshin Impact build? Sangonomiya Kokomi will be running alongside Raiden Shogen as part of the upcoming Genshin Impact banner, in the second half of the 2.5 update, so he’s in the spotlight once again. While you’re busy gathering Kokomi’s Ascension materials, you may also need help deciding how best to prepare them.

The user of the five-star Hydro catalyst is the leader of the Sangonomiya Resistance and lives on Watatsumi, one of the islands Inazuma introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1. She has a lot in common with Barbara, and is often used as a support character, but there is room for Kokomi to be more than a healer. Kokomi’s abilities might surprise people with her elemental skill damage potential, which scales based on her max health.

He is currently ranked A on our Genshin Impact rankings list – we think he is invaluable in the right direction. The recent introduction of bloody monsters didn’t have the game-changing effect one would think, but that didn’t mean healers were useless. Read on for our take on the best Kokomi builds.


The best Kokomi Genshin Impact support builds are:

  • Catalyst: Dragon Slayer Thrilling Story
  • Artifacts: Millelith tenacity (four pieces)

Kokomi’s starting pitch is as a support character who can specialize in healing – but she can also act as a decent buff for other DPS characters on your team. While Eternal Moonlight is the classic recommendation for the Kokomi catalyst, the Dragon Slayer Thrilling Story is a very good alternative.

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When you switch from Kokomi to another character with this weapon, the incoming character’s attack increases by up to 48% for 10 seconds, which is a powerful buff on its own. This effect can only be used once every 20 seconds, but there’s a lot more Kokomi can do in the meantime.

Four pieces Millelith’s Persistence artifact set significantly increases its support ability. When equipped, every time an Element Skill hits an opponent, the attack of all nearby party members increases by 20% and their Shield Strength increases by 30% for three seconds. This effect can be triggered once every 0.5 seconds, and can still be triggered even when Kokomi is off the field.”

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Kokomi’s Elemental Skill is Kurage’s Oath, which summons Bake-Kurage (baby jellyfish) to the field which lasts for 12 seconds, even though Kokomi is not in the field. It deals Hydro damage to nearby enemies, and heals nearby active characters for a set amount based on Kokomi’s maximum HP. Between the Millelith set, the Dragon Slayer catalyst, and the Babe-Kurage ability itself, you’ve got some decent buff combos to power up whoever you choose to take with you when Kokomi leaves the field.

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When your Babe-Kurage is running low on juice, you can bring Kokomi back and trigger her Elemental Burst, Nereid’s Ascension. While this ability is pretty good, its true benefit lies in its interaction with one of Kokomi’s passive skills, Tamanooya’s Casket, which resets Babe-Kurage’s timer when an explosion is triggered.

Elemental Burst also grants Kokomi the Ceremonial Garmade buff, which when she’s in the field buffs her Bake-Kurage, and allows her to restore her party members’ HP through normal attacks or charges. The Nereid effect will wear off when you take it off the field, but the Dragon Slayer ability will trigger again, giving whoever comes next a 48% boost to attack – rinse and repeat, and you get a pretty decent DPS support combo.

Other Kokomi build options that focus on the sub-DPS strategy include pairing Eternal Moonlight catalyst with a relatively new Sea Colored Shells four-piece set. This takes advantage of Kokomi’s ability to heal party members with ease, allowing for a powerful explosion that will deal damage based on the amount of heal Kokomi can issue.

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Best Kokomi team company

Ayaka and Kazuha are some of the better DPS characters to pair with Kokomi in a supporting role. Kazuha, for example, can activate a vortex element reaction and deal a lot of damage herself. Ayaka can freeze ‘Wet’ enemies (which will be provided by Kokomi) and deal powerful Cryo attacks. Both will get additional buffs from Kokomi Dragon Slayer’s buff switch and Millicent’s combo effect with Babe-Kurage.

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Raiden Shogun’s elemental skills pair well with Kazuha, giving him a powerful damage buff to finish off enemies faster. You can also use Shenhe, another Cryo character for ‘Freeze’ team compositions that focus on Hydro/Cryo combinations. Our Genshin Impact elements guide outlines all element reactions, so you can get a feel for how this should work.

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Best Kokomi F2P Build

The great thing about Dragon Slayer Thrilling Story The catalyst is that it’s free to play as a three-star weapon, available on the Beginner’s Wish as well as the standard and all other special event banners.

Depth HeartThe four-piece set increases normal and charges attack damage by 30% for 15 seconds, on top of the 15% increase in Hydro damage, which can be useful in combination with Kokomi’s Elemental Burst. Two pieces Depth Heart also can pair with two pieces Love Girlwhich increases healing by 15%.

In terms of team composition, the Electro Traveler build is a good alternative to Raiden Shogun, and Lisa and Kaeya are also great free Genshin Impact characters to pair with Kokomi. A less expensive alternative is the four-star Sucrose, which can group enemies using its Anemo ability.

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And that’s all you need to make the best Kokomi builds in Genshin Impact. Have you read our Genshin Impact fishing guide? If you catch enough rare fish, you can unlock The Catch, a special four-star polearm. Also, don’t forget to read our guide on Genshin Impact codes to claim free primogems, mora and more.

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