Genshin Impact: Gorou Pro Tips

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Gorou’s appearance in Genshin Dampak Impact The playable roster was anticipated for a number of reasons, including his role as the great general of the Watatsumi Island army, which earned him the respect of all subordinates thanks to his fantastic leadership and military strategy skills. He is Sangonomiya Kokomi’s most loyal follower and is also good friends with Kadehara Kazuha.

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Gorou is a Bow user with Geo vision, the first character with this combination. He is an excellent supporting character for your team. Especially if you are lucky enough to get Aratakki Itto.

Inazuma Regional Expert

Gorou reading a book in Inazuma

Hunting for the regional specialties of Inazuma can be a daunting task. Especially with all the different islands and Waverider. But Gorou’s Passive talent, Shinies findervery helpful.


His Passive Talent will help you discover all the regional specialties of the Inazuma region. When he’s in your party, the nearest regional specialties will be hand-marked on your mini-map.

Easy Gorou Making

Gorou in game

Remember all those great artifacts with DEF as their Main Stat? Guess what, they finally came in handy. Each Genshin Impact character scales their damage based on a specific stat. While most characters need a high ATK stat, Gorou needs DEF.

So if you’re just starting to build Gorou, the best option right now is to give him an artifact with %DEF as the main stat. But as a backup, you can also use Bonus Geo DMG and Energy Replenish to increase Geo damage and Elemental Burst uptime respectively.

Artifact Set Bonus

Gorou with Noble Device

If you are planning to use Gorou for your main team, then you should consider grinding the best artifacts with the appropriate bonus set. The artifact set bonus is very important and should be prioritized when building certain characters.

You can use 2 piece set Luxury Dream Husk to get a +30 percent boost to your defense. For another bonus set, you can use 2-Piece Noblesse Oblige for a +20 percent buff to your Elemental Burst. Or, 2-Piece The Symbol of the Disconnected Destiny can be used if you want +20 percent Energy Recharge.

Gorou’s Weapon of Choice

Gorou is equipped with a Favonius Warbow

Gorou is a support character, and you will only use him for his Elemental Skills and Elemental Burst. So, the best weapon for him was one that increased his support ability and allowed him to effectively deal more damage through his talent.

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With this in mind, Favonius Warbow and Sacrificial Bow is the perfect weapon for him. Both of these weapons have Energy Recharge as a Stat Bonus. This ensured that Gorou would be able to use his Elemental Burst frequently.

Focus On Energy Refill

Gorou Dog Soldier

When building a character, you need to increase their damage and cover their weaknesses if any. One of the weaknesses that got Gorou into trouble was Energy Refill. His Elemental Burst has a high energy cost and can’t be used very often if you don’t have the right build.

When building Gorou, focus on giving him artifacts and weapons with high Energy Refills. Make sure you have at least one artifact with Energy Recharge as the main stat and a Bonus effect for the bow. Ideally, you should aim for 180 to 200 Energy Recharge.

C4 Gorou For Healing Bonus

Constellation Gorou 4 unlocked

If you like Gorou’s character designs and playstyle, you can choose to get multiple constellations and increase his overall damage potential. But be aware that most of the constellations are designed around the Geo DPS team and help with that particular style of play.

Constellations 1 and 2 are great to start with as they reduce the cooldown of Elemental Skills and increase the duration of General’s Glory respectively. But in C4, Gorou will be able to heal active characters after using his Elemental Burst! This bonus heal can come in really handy in annoying battles.

Talent Priority

Gorou's Talent

Since Gorou had a high Energy Cost, increasing his Elemental Skills to generate energy was essential. Your Elemental Skill will deal more damage and generate energy particles.

The next talent to upgrade is his Elemental Burst as it can generate an Elemental Shard every 1.5 seconds. This ensures your party is protected at all times and lasts for a longer period of time.

Understanding his Elemental Skills

Gorou used his Elemental Skill

Gorou Elemental Skills, Inuzaka Versatile Defense, deals AoE Geo damage and creates a General’s War Banner. The buff given by the General’s War Banner will depend on the Geo character in your party. The elemental skills can be used optimally if you have three Geo characters in your party.

If you have one Geo character (only Gorou), it will increase his defense for that long (Standing Strong). But if you have another Geo character, it will also increase the resistance to interference (impenetrable). On three Geo characters, it will deal additional Geo damage (Crunch).

Elemental Burst Buff

Gorou on Watatsumi Island

His Burst grants him the same bonus as his Elemental Skill, but also triggers a crystal collapse, which deals AoE Geo DMG to the opponent. Every 1.5 seconds, Gorou will drag elemental shards from his AoE explosion towards the active character. Crystallize’s reactions can easily give your character a shield.

When Gorou’s Elemental Burst is in ‘Impregnable’ or ‘Crunch’ state, having his C4 grants you access to healing. This heal is based on Gorou’s 50 percent DEF and occurs every 1.5 seconds. This applies to all active characters in the AoE field.

Team Building Using Gorou

Gorou Team Composition

Gorou is a special support character, and you need to build your team specifically based on his talents. With his Elemental Skill being most effective when there are three Geo characters, you will need a Geo DPS like Aratakki Itto in your party.

With him, other Geo support characters such as Noelle, Zhongli or Albedo will increase the overall effectiveness of your team. The fourth slot in your party will be customizable based on the type of enemy you’re fighting, but generally, DPS or Elemental support is recommended.

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