Genshin Impact Fan Makes an Impressive Paimon Sand Sculpture

Genshin Dampak Impact is a visually beautiful game, combining the anime art style with cel-shading, sometimes referred to as toon-shading, to help bring its characters and the world of Teyvat to life. However, Genshin Dampak Impact fans may have noticed that one of their cute friends was with them when visiting one of the beaches in South America.

Travelers are urged to explore the beautiful open world environment of Teyvat di Genshin Dampak Impact. The adventure game, which belongs to the gacha genre, allows players to use in-game currency to earn virtual loot such as weapons, characters and other resources as they level up and take on enemies. Accompanied by a companion as they traverse seven countries in search of their sibling, the character Paimon has been a beloved personality as well as the title’s media spokesperson since the game’s release in 2020.


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Formally Genshin Dampak Impact subreddit, one of the users known as Hound1080 has uploaded a photo showing a large number of Paimon sculpted entirely out of sand. Situated next to the beach, the model is seen sitting by the sea with the caption “Just Another Day in Brazil.” Dressed in her usual attire, this model also features an inverted triquetra that is identical to Teyvat’s.

Commenters on the post admired Paimon’s appearance, with some asking how the sculptor managed to form her floating circle and crown that also seems to defy gravity. Other Redditors have since urged creators to shape the food alongside the design, a nod to “Emergency Food,” a name largely given to Paimon by the fan base following in-game dialogue with Amber’s hint that if players need to heal, they’re small companions and annoying enough to sustain them.

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It seems fitting that the statue is by the beach as the player saves Paimon from drowning early in the game. With its character designed to float on water while accompanying players on it, it seems that the model has captured the resemblance of the tiny fairy companion as well as the hearts of many fans. Although not much is known about Paimon’s origins, other than that they couldn’t swim, she continues to be a point of interest for fans. Genshin Dampak Impact.

Since the game’s release, and even during the beta development stage, Paimon has remained as the main mascot for Genshin Dampak Impact. This isn’t even the first time the character has been linked with a sand sculpture, let alone miHoYo showing off his art via their official Twitter in celebration of last year’s summer. The floating companion, while distracting at times, remains a compelling property and illustration of the series’ cheerful and animated premise.

Genshin Dampak Impact available to play now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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