Genshin Impact Event Will Add Player-Made Dungeons

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Starting this week, the Divine Ingenuity event will allow Genshin Impact players to get creative designs and publish their own domain.

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Since its release in 2020, Genshin Dampak Impact have seen very regular updates and events, with ones always ongoing or on the horizon. Developer of Genshin Dampak Impact, which was recently renamed HoYoverse, is constantly working on bringing new characters, items and events to the game. Now the players themselves can do a bit of that work.

Technically free to download and play, Genshin Dampak Impact known as gacha game. Players are not obligated to spend any money on the game but are incentivized to do so with in-game prizes and characters. This is why Genshin Dampak Impact see constant updates and events, as the game only earns money from a consistent and active player base.


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Latest Genshin Dampak Impact The event, Divine Ingenuity, was probably the developer’s best idea to keep players engaged with the game throughout the event. The event added five new domains to the game, namely Genshin Dampak Impactdungeon version. Upon completion, however, players gain access to a special domain editor, allowing players to design their own dungeons that award game rewards.

Custom domain will cooperate with Super Mario Maker on the Switch which remains an untapped game genre. Players are provided with a set of predefined terrain types such as walls and slopes to design their domain layout to be as simple or as complex as they wish. From there players are free to fill these dungeons with traps and puzzle elements from the game’s asset library. Then, as in mario maker, players can publish this domain and play domains created by other players.

This essentially leaves players with an unlimited number of domains to play with during the entirety of the event. However, there would likely be some major difficulty spikes if— mario makerplayer-made level library is everything, as players take it upon themselves to create the most complicated and punishing mario possible level. Also expect to see some perfect hoops. It’s no surprise that this feature returned sometime after the show ended, as a way to keep players engaged in the gap between the studio-developed shows.

What could be the problem with this? Genshin Dampak Impact event is a gift. Rewards have been promised for player-created domains, but there’s probably no way to measure these rewards fairly hard. There are tags for difficulty levels in the level editor, but the game probably won’t differentiate rewards based on these. Players may not want to scrape a more difficult domain just to get the same reward as if the domain was only one room.

Genshin Dampak Impact available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is also in development.

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