Genshin Impact: Eula’s Beginner’s Mistake

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Genshin Dampak Impact‘S The characters are very unique and each brings their own personality. The descendant of the ruthless Lawrence clan, Eula, was no different. He found himself between the hatred of the people towards him and the hatred of his clan for the people of Mondstadt. However, Eula chose to use her hatred to push her goals and improve herself.

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Eula was the captain of the Knight of Favonius, and her clan considered her a traitor for joining them. However, those close to him such as Amber and Sara support his actions and even find his personality funny. When using Eula, players must build it up to deal burst damage, but what mistakes did the player make that affected her damage ability?

Updated February 22, 2022 by Nahda Nabiilah: With its rerun banner in version 2.3, more and more people now have Spindrift Knight on their list. As one of the best DPS in Genshin Impact, it’s no wonder that his banner is in high demand. More than half a year after Eula was released in Genshin Impact 1.5, there is now even more synergy for Vengeance Queen. So far, there are no new artifacts or weapons for him, but he can now be paired with several other units. Therefore, a new entry is added to this list to include some of the most relevant information.

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12 Missing Raiden Shogun And Yun Jin

Yun Jin and Raiden Shogun at Genshin Impact

When Eula was first released, she managed to work well with the existing characters. However, many versions later, more units available and Eula now has a variety of supports to choose from. Among the viable options are Raiden Shogun and Yun Jin. With his Elemental skill, Raiden Shogun can increase Spindrift Knight’s burst damage. Electro Archon can also easily replenish Eula’s Energy by using his Elemental Burst.

Meanwhile, Yun Jin could increase the Reconnaissance Captain’s Normal attack damage massively. The constellation Yun Jin di Genshin Dampak Impact can also increase Eula’s Normal attack speed, which will eventually increase her Elemental blast damage.


11 Not Using Cryo Resonance

genshin impact eula idle animation cryo

Cryo characters are known for their ability to function with a minimum Crit Rate. This is because their artifact pool can grant up to 40% of the Critical Tier bonus. As a result, many of these units have Critical Damage as their increase bonus. However, it’s not like Ganyu and Ayaka which is playable with the 4-Blizzard Strayer, using Eula’s artifact on Cryo is far from recommended.

However, Eula could still benefit from the extra 15% Critical Rate provided by Cryo Resonance. So if players are struggling to make their Eula Crit, then they should consider placing a second Cryo unit on the team.

10 Underestimating the Eula Constellation

Genshin Impact Eula holding claymore

Unlike many characters in Genshin Dampak Impact which doesn’t work without a certain Constellation, Eula is a great powerhouse even at C0. This caused many players to ignore the Eula Constellation, not pursuing it as they did with upgrades like Hu Tao’s C1.

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But actually, Eula had a great Constellation that could further increase her overall DPS. His C2 is by far the most important of them. With it, players could easily take advantage of the passive effects of Pale Flame artifacts.

9 Doesn’t Increase His Normal Attack

Eula Skill Exhibition

Eula is a Cryo unit, so some players might ignore her Normal attacks in favor of her Cryo damage, or even play them as support for the Cryo app.

Cryo and Electro have easy access to Superconduct reactions, which lower the enemy’s Physical resistance. That, combined with the reduced resistance from Eula’s Elemental skills, allowed Queen Vengeance to deal enormous Physical damage. What’s more, her Normal attacks have one of the highest multipliers in the game, so players shouldn’t miss her Normal attacks to help Eula reach her full potential.

8 Not Using His Hold Skill

Eula's wielding skills

Since Eula’s damage was mostly from her Elemental explosions, players often neglected her Elemental skills.

Even though Eula wasn’t completely dependent on her Elemental skills, it was very important to use them. This skill can reduce the enemy’s Cryo and Physical resistance. It must be used before Eula releases her blast and destroys her opponent. Eula would also reset the cooldown of her Elemental skills when she used Elemental Burst, allowing the Reconnaissance captain to cast her skills once again.

7 Not Playing It With Physical Form

Eula with Pale Flame

Building Eula with a Cryo build will damage her damage potential, especially her Elemental burst because the actual dealer damage from her burst is Falling Light Sword. Lightfall Sword deals Physical damage, and can easily go over 100k damage.

Therefore, even with Eula’s low skill-cooldown and high Cryo multiplier, players should not build it in Cryo. Doing so will stop Eula from her potential Physical damage.

6 Not Using the Right Combo

Eula's Normal Attack

It’s easy for players to find themselves spamming Eula’s attacks because they can all deal a satisfying amount of damage, and she’ll get the job done in the end. However, some places require proper attack planning, especially in spiral abyss.

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Before using Eula’s Elemental Burst, the player must use her hold skill. After using his Elemental Burst, the cooldown of his skill will be reset. Use his tap skill immediately after. Then, the player can spam Eula’s Normal Attack to maximize the stack she can get in the next seven seconds. Use the skill once it becomes available, and eventually, the Lightfall Sword will drop and deal a devastating amount of Physical damage.

5 Using the Wrong Artifact

Eula with %Critical Dmg artifact

Since Eula’s damage is split between Cryo and Physical damage, the artifact builds can be a bit confusing. Player focus for the artifact’s main stats should be Atk/Physical Dmg/Crit Rate or Crit Dmg. The artifact’s sub-stats focus should be Crit Rate, Crit Dmg, and Atk.

As for the artifact set, 4-Pale Flame was the best slot for Eula. Although, if players don’t want to rely on the effects of 4-Pale Flame for proc, then they can build it with 2-Pale Flame + 2-Bloodstained Chivalry. This will increase his Physical damage by 50%.

4 Using the Wrong Weapon

Eula with a sword on her back

To maximize Eula’s damage, the player must find the best weapon to work with his kit. For example, 4-star Claymore like Snow Grave Starsilver is great, and Claymore’s passive will work with Eula’s Cryo app. However, Blackcliff Cutter can damage Snow-Tombed because its secondary status is Crit Dmg%.

The best 5-star claymore for Eula is Unforged if he has 100% uptime shield, because it will give him a big Atk% bonus. No shield, his best 5 star Claymore is Wolf Tombstone and Broken Pine Song. As for 4 stars, the best Claymores are Snake SpineBlackcliff, and Starsilver Snow Graves.

3 Ignoring Eula’s Team Composition

Team Eula with 2 Cryo

Using the right team was critical to Eula’s outfit. Combining it with multiple damage dealers like dilu and Xiao wouldn’t be good for either of them, as the game mechanics are built around teamwork between party members.

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Eula had poor Energy Regeneration, so she needed batteries to help recover her energy faster. Players can use Raiden ShogunElemental burst for this job. He also needs an Electro unit like Raiden, Beidouor fischl to help trigger Superconductor reaction. Lastly, Spindrift Knight requires the support of a healer or shielder. diona great for both tasks. Kätzlein is also an excellent battery for Eula and can trigger Cryo’s resonance with Vengeance Queen.

2 Using the Wrong Reaction

Foschel ignites Superconductors

Melt and Vaporize are so popular with players that every Hydro, Pyro, and Cryo unit is directly connected to both reactions. Eula’s skills were heavily focused on Physical damage, so building her up to deal with Melt was an unwanted endeavor that could be easily overpowered by her own skills and easier reactions.

Superconductor was Eula’s best reaction, she could rely on it to improve all her skills. Freeze is another great reaction that can give him good crowd control while fighting. Frozen enemies are still considered Cryo-affected and can be electrocuted to trigger a Superconduct reaction. Besides that, Broken will trigger naturally when Eula lands her Normal attack on a frozen enemy, allowing her to deal more damage.

1 Using His Charged Attack To Charge Lightfall’s Sword

Eula uses Burst.  hers

When the Lightfall Sword appears after Eula uses her Elemental Burst, the player must continue to hit the opponent to charge the Lightfall Sword to hit hard. Some players may use his Charge attack as it strikes a fast attack sequence to charge it. This method is ineffective and does not add any stack to Lightfall Sword.

Instead, only his Normal attacks, Elemental skills, and Elemental Burst can add stacks to Lightfall Sword. There’s a cooldown to the amount of stacks that the Lightfall Sword can have as well, so hitting multiple opponents at the same time doesn’t increase the stack.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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