Genshin Impact: Eula Pro Tips

Even though he has been played in Genshin Dampak Impact for a while now, Eula Lawrence remains one of the game main DPS character. Eula has also been involved in several storylines and events since her release, meaning that most of the cast has had the opportunity to warm her icy heart and penchant for ‘vengeance.’

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Unlike most characters and compositions in Genshin Impact which rely on frequent, strong Elemental Reaction to deal damage, Eula rarely uses Reaction and instead relies on raw Physical DMG. This means that it fills a unique niche among the game’s resident powerhouse, but it also means that getting the most out of its kit can be a bit tricky. Here are some tips to strengthen your team’s Spindrift Knight and help it take revenge on everyone who passes it.


Timing Eula’s Elemental Burst

eula genshin explosion

After activating him Elemental ExplosionEula will release a cold slash and then make a floating Falling Light Sword next to it. Dealing damage with his other attacks will then charge the Lightfall Sword, which will explode afterwards seven seconds and deals massive bursts of damage relative to how many stacks you can fill.

This ability is one of the strongest damage examples in the game and is a fundamental component of Eula’s potential damage. However, great power comes with some conditions. First, you have to remember that Burst is being backloaded; most of the damage happens at the end, which can be troublesome to match with the enemy’s period of vulnerability. Eula’s Burst also radiates from it in a small AOE which would normally hit a lot of enemies but can also miss them completely. Between time and range, Eula’s Burst can be tough to hit, but the payoff is amazing when executed properly.

Eula Benefits Of Superconductors

genshin eula superconductor hit

While Eula is generally a poor Elemental Reactions driver, she only has enough Cryo DMG in her kit to process. Superconductor, which you should make extensive use of. When Eula’s Cryo DMG interacts with the Electro source, it will produce a Superconducting reaction, which reduces the Physical RES of affected enemies by 40 percent for 12 seconds. Since basically all damage meant Eula was Physical, this reaction greatly strengthened Eula’s ability to punish her foes.

Raiden Shogun, Beidou, fischland Yae Miko is a recommended character that you can pair with Eula to activate Superconducting Reaction. Each has slightly different powers (Raiden Shogun helps recharge Eula’s Blast, Beidou chain damage between enemies, Fischl hits hard in single target scenarios, and Yae Miko has a very powerful Blast of her own), but all of them let Eula activate Superconductor with easily and consistently.

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Composing Eula’s Lightfall Sword Quickly

genshin eula's normal attack

As soon as Eula activates her Elemental Burst, you only have seven seconds to charge her Lightfall Sword, which means you’ll want to know how to do it as quickly as possible. Following the order [Tap Skill > Burst > Four Normal Attacks > Hold Skill > Four Normal Attacks] will generally give you the highest stack and thus the most Burst damage. However, if you have Eula’s First ConstellationYou might be better off doing it [Hold Skill > Burst > Four Normal Attacks > Tap Skill > Four Normal Attacks] to take advantage of the increased Physical DMG for the entire sequence.

These combos are customizable on the fly, but keep that in mind Your Burst resets your Skill cooldown, which lets you use it multiple times in succession. Also, his fifth Normal Attack was a bit slow and thus not included in the combo — You can cancel the animation by running or using the Skill.

Throw the Dice On Crit DMG

genshin eula stats page

All of Genshin Impact’s main DPS characters have one thing in common: the eternal quest for that sweet and attractive Crit Stats. Most characters look for Crit Rate and Crit DMG in a 1:2 ratio, with both values ​​as high as possible.

In general, Eula also followed this guide. However, if you are a gambler, consider leaning on his DMG Crit status. Running a very low Crit Rate and too high Crit DMG is not a consistent strategy, but the goal here is to blow up the crater in the middle of Teyvat, not “consistent” or whatever that means. Jokes aside, this strategy is actually feasible in places like spiral abyss where enemies are very tanky, and you can easily rearrange the room if Eula’s Burst isn’t crit.

Get Yourself A Cryo Companion

team genshin eula zhongli diona raiden

Since Eula has an 80-cost Burst and very few Cryo resources of her own to fill it with, running Eula with other Cryo characters, or Cryo “batteries”, can be useful. diona is the first character that comes to mind for this position because he can heal and protect too, but Rosary and Kaeya is a solid substitution.

To succeed Eula’s “battery”, all you have to do is switch to it quickly after using your other Cryo character’s abilities. For example, you can use Diona’s Skill and then quickly swap to Eula, which will give Eula’s Cryo Diona Particles. This process is usually necessary to give Eula frequent access to her Bursts, and as a bonus, your team will get Cryo Resonance for increased Crit Rate against Cryo-affected enemies.

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