Genshin Impact: Diluc’s Best Team Composition

Become an online game, Genshin Dampak Impact will keep updating for a long time, which will expand the world and add more challenges for you to face. It will also add new characters to the already growing roster of magic users and elemental warriors. There are tons of creatures to fight and places to explore, so make sure your team is ready for anything.

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While you’ll often be controlling just one character at a time, you’ll want to make sure that the members you decide to bring in are ready for the task. When embarking on an adventure, it’s good to have a strong start with a character like Diluc.


Who is Diluk?

portrait of diluc

Genshin Impact has many famous characters, and Diluc stands out among them. Known as Diluc Ragnvindr, This character comes from a noble background and comes to own the Dawn Winery. He was based in Monstadt where his reputation was quite high.

Off the pitch, his red hair completes natural element of Fire. Diluc’s weapon of choice was a Claymore, and he was designed to be Main DPS at your party. All of his attacks and abilities were made to deal damage and increase his stats, so he could be more effective. As a result, however, he has little to offer in terms of support and unable to protect himself effective.

Best Teammates To Diluc

Since you want Diluc to focus entirely on dealing damage and power ups, You will need a character to provide support needed for him to survive the battle. They will also be needed to complete your party and add more variety to compensate for Diluc’s somewhat limited range of tactics. With this in mind, there are a few names you should consider adding to this type of team.


xingqiu portrait

This fast swordsman can be an effective attacker while also using his abilities to strengthen and protect Diluc. His main contribution is Fatal Rainscreen, which summons a Rain Sword that reduces the amount of damage Diluc takes when he becomes your active character. They can also be strengthened with Hydropathic to create it when the Rain Sword is destroyed, it restores HP based on Xingqiu’s max HP to Diluc.


bennett's portrait

While it makes sense to diversify your party elements, having Pyro users can greatly improve the performance of Diluc. This is caused by The Field of Inspiration created when Bennett used Fantastic Voyage. When the field is active, any characters in it will regenerate HP up to 70 percent and when that happens, they will receive an attack bonus related to Bennet’s basic attack power.


zhongli portrait

In terms of elements, nothing is as hard and strong as Earth, which is also known as Geo. Having this warrior in your party can give Diluc some much needed protection during the fight. This is provided by his expertise Dominus Lapidis, which allowed him to create the Jade Shield which deals 150 percent damage absorption against physical and elemental attacks.

It will also help Diluc in close combat because it lowers the enemy’s overall resistance in a small area around it. By enhancing it with Resonance Wave, the Jade Shield will fortify itself (five percent increase in Shield Strength) each time receiving damage, stacking up to five times.

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