Genshin Impact 2.6: New Five-Star Weapon Leaked

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The recent Genshin Impact leak revealed stats for the new weapon that will be arriving alongside Kamisato Ayato in the upcoming 2.6 update.

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every new Genshin Dampak Impact The update brings a lot of content for players to enjoy. These additions usually include new characters and weapons that can be obtained in new limited banners.

Weapons are one of the most important parts of character building Genshin Dampak Impact and choosing the right weapon usually has the biggest impact on a character’s performance. After developer miHoYo officially confirmed the new five-star Catalyst weapon that will be arriving in the future Genshin Dampak Impact update 2.6, a recent beta leak has revealed a new five-star sword.


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Latest update by credible Genshin Dampak Impact a leaker named Ubatcha1 has revealed a new five-star sword that will serve as the signature weapon for the recently announced one Genshin Dampak Impact Kamisato Ayato. According to the leak, the sword has the following stats:

  • Weapon Type: Sword
  • Basic Attack: 77-608
  • Secondary Stat (Crit Rate): 7.2% – 33.1%
  • Passive: Weapon users receive 12% bonus damage to all elements. When another nearby party member’s Normal Attack hits an opponent, the weapon wielder will receive a single “Wavespike” stack. When using elemental skills, all stacks will be consumed to obtain an effect called “Ripping Upheaval”. Each stack consumed increases attack Damage by 8% for 8 seconds

The name of the weapon is still unknown but the fact that its secondary stat increases the user’s Crit Rate by 33.1% makes it one of the best increase stats in the game. The most suitable sword for Genshin Dampak Impact A DPS character that focuses on dealing elemental damage as his passive deals bonus elemental damage to the character’s elements. Ayato’s Ascension stat was Crit Damage which meant he would naturally have great synergy with this weapon. Several in-game NPCs had stated that Ayato was a skilled sword and polearm user, however, it seems miHoYo decided to equip him with a sword.

Previously Genshin Dampak Impact leaks have revealed that his Elemental skill is named the Art of Shuumatsu, and it allows Ayato to dash to the side while throwing his empty shell of himself taunting the enemy. He was originally rumored to be released alongside another four-star character named Heizou. Unlike Ayato, there is not much information about Heizou other than that he is a detective. Shikanoin Heizou is a popular detective Inazuma who works for the Tenryu Commission. His unique investigative manner often gives the impression that he puts himself above tasks that make him disliked by his superiors such as the famous character Kojou Sara.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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