Genshin Impact 2.6 Beta Leak Reveals Abyss Map

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The Genshin Impact beta leak reveals more information about one of Chasmm’s upcoming regions, which is scheduled to arrive in update 2.6.

new genshin impact region chasm

Official Genshin Dampak Impact The 2.5 livestream has revealed a lot of information about the upcoming content that will arrive in the future. Besides characters, the addition of new regions is probably the thing that players have been waiting for the most.

Previously Genshin Dampak Impact The update has introduced the famous island of Inazuma and fans are expecting a minor content drought for at least a few updates. However, it looks like developer miHoYo has no plans to slow down, and players can expect a new territory by the name Chasm to arrive along with the new one. Genshin Dampak Impact a character named Kamisato Ayato.


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Genshin Dampak Impact Updates have a beta phase which usually includes most of the upcoming content. Betas usually start after a new update drops which means that Genshin Dampak Impact 2.6 beta will arrive at the same time Genshin Dampak Impact Version 2.5 join live server. In addition to the Yae Miko gameplay, the live stream has revealed a new territory by the name of Chasm that will arrive in the 2.6 update. Recent leaks about popular ones Genshin Dampak Impact A subreddit leak has apparently revealed a map for the upcoming region.

Chasm looks set to have an interesting radial design with six new teleport points including the new Statue of Seven. The arrival of this territory had been rumored for months because its name was always displayed on Liyue’s map at this time. Although miHoYo continues to add new terrain to explore with each new update, some leaks have revealed that another major country by the name of Sumeru could be added in future updates. The story that tells of the Abyss will apparently serve as an introduction to the Sumerian nation.

It is also mentioned that Sumeru could be similar to the Inazuma islands introduced in September 2021. Each country in the game revolves around its own Archon and his divine ideals of order, freedom, justice, etc. In Sumeru’s case, the God of Wisdom reigns in pursuit of all knowledge. Although he is one of the rare leaders whose identity has not been revealed, it is known that Archon Sumeru is the youngest of the seven. Genshin Dampak Impact archon. In addition, each country likes a certain element from which the Archon comes from. For Sumeru, it followed in the footsteps of Dendro Archon, whose power created life from the surrounding desert. Thus, players can expect a very flowery and plant-like environment when they enter the state. This leak still has to be taken with a grain of salt considering miHoYo has yet to officially confirm the arrival of any new major territories.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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