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AMAZING! 12+ Live Wallpaper Character Game Genshin Impact !

Recently released, the game Genshin Impact immediately became the top free top on the Android Play Store. Already more than one million users, this game is also rated 4.7, relatively high for a new game. Many comments of praise and praise for the graphics display and game modes in Genshin Impact from gamers.
Genshin Impact comes with an Action Role Playing Game playing system combined with the Open World concept. The union of these two elements is indeed able to bring addiction to players. Keeping up with character development in an open world becomes a kind of challenge.

Through the Action RPG game system in Genshin Impact, hack and slash actions are common and easy to do. It only takes time and the right way to defeat the enemy. Interestingly, it’s not all about luck, because miHoYo also crams cooking skills for characters to survive. By looking for raw materials in the surrounding environment. There are fruit, vegetables, even fish can be caught.
Genshin Impact takes place in the world of Teyvat. A stunningly beautiful place that spoils the eye, which contains an earth-like ecosystem of life, of course. At the beginning of the game, players will start with a traveler who has lost his memory. Himself looking for his missing twin brother.


The long journey in the game takes place in the vast world of Teyvat. There are royal-like places called Monstadt to explore. There is also the Liyue port port. The two regions are part of the seven major city states in the world of Teyvat. To move quickly, tourists can take advantage of certain checkpoints.

On a journey in the world of Teyvat, later this traveler (whose name can be customized) will meet many characters, as well as other playable characters. There are at least 24 tourist characters that can be played in Genshin Impact. Each character has the strength of a different element. Elements are indeed the key in the character development of the traveler.

The characters in Tier S:

Diluc (DPS);
Fischl (Support);
Qiqi (Healer);
Venti (Support);

The characters in Tier A :

Barbara (Healer);
Chongyun (DPS);
Jean (Healer);
Keqing (DPS);
Mona (DPS);
Razor (DPS);
Anemo travel elements (Support);
Xiangling (DPS or Support)

Xiao (DPS).

The characters in Tier B :

Kaeya (Support);
Klee (DPS);
Ningguang (DPS);
Sucrose (Support);
Geo element treaveler (Support);
Xingqiu (Support).

The characters in Tier C :

Beidou (DPS);
Bennett (DPS or Support);
Lisa (Support);
Noelle (DPS or Healer).

But not all of the characters above have a live wallpaper, below is a live wallpaper of the Genshin Impact character :

Below is a live wallpaper screenshot, for go to the live wallpaper directly and download it, please click download in below screnshoot,


Albedo min

  Download Albedo Live Wallpaper

Download Albedo 2 Live Wallpaper


Download Xiao Live Wallpaper


Barbara min
Download Barbara Live Wallpaper

Diluc And Friend

Download Diluc and Friend Live Wallpaper


Diona min
Download Diona Live Wallpaper


Ganyu min
Download Ganyu Live Wallpaper


Download Klee Live Wallpaper


Download Klee Lumine Wallpaper


Mona min
Download Mona Wallpaper


Paimon min
Download Paimon Wallpaper


Qiqi min
Download Qiqi Wallpaper

so that’s a live wallpaper from the game genshin impact, for more live wallpapers please use the tutorial how to download live wallpapers using pinterest


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