[SOLVED] 7 Way How to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED in Google Chrome! 100% WORK!

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Fix ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED – It was in 2008 that Google introduced the initial version of the company’s browser, Chrome. Despite fierce rivalry against Internet Explorer and Firefox, and so on. It was extremely successful over the years to be. According to web statistics site W3CounterChrome’s market share is currently more than 50% (as as of July 2018). While the browser can perform superbly, it’s susceptible to mistakes and its users are faced with confusing messages.

The error message “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED”, for example, informs you that the connection to the desired website has been closed. In terms of the reasons are concerned, users are left without a clue, making the task of fixing the error difficult to solve, especially since the issue is not required to be the result of Chrome. In our article we show you possible sources of errors and some useful approaches to fixing the “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” error.


To explain what the ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message means, we must first quickly explain what goes on under the hood in Chrome when you try to visit a site.

Example of an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED message.

If you click on an image or type in a website’s domain name into the address bar Chrome will establish an connection with the server. When Chrome connects it will ask for the required files for displaying the site, which includes images, codes and much more.

the message err_connection_closed basically tells you that chrome is trying to establish this connection, but something is wrong with your computer or internet connection that is preventing chrome from establishing or maintaining the connection.

Since chrome isn’t able join the server that hosts the website and therefore, it is unable to render the website. this is why it shows an error instead.

to fix the err_connection_closed issue, you basically need to find out what’s wrong with chrome preventing it from connecting to the website server.

note that the err_connection_closed message is different from the err_connection_refused message, another error that can be caused by a server-side issue (such as a website being down).


Suggestion: Before proceeding to resolve the Chrome error: “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED”, by applying the methods below, try the following:

1. Make sure you restart the Internet router.

2. Try another website to confirm that you’re Internet connection is functioning.

3. If you have other computers/devices in your premises, try visiting the website where you are receiving the “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” error, to make sure that the site you are trying to visit is not blocked from your ISP.

4. If you’ve created an VPN connection, it is necessary to remove it.

5. Temporarily deactivate your Firewall application (if you’re using it).

Method 1. Scanning your computer for malware and Viruses.

The first step before troubleshooting the “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” error in Chrome, is to make sure that your system is virus/malware free. For this task you must follow the directions in this tutorial How to Check Your PC for Viruses, and other malicious programs.

Method 2. Reset Your Chrome Settings to Default.

For resetting Chrome to its default settings:

1. Select to open the Chrome menu icon (located in the lower right hand corner) and then select Settings.

1. Click on Chrome’s menu image_thumb_thumb_thumb

icon at the upper right corner) and select Settings.


2. On the Settings page, scroll down and click to Show Advanced Settings.

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3. At the end of the page, click Restore settings to their original defaults.

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4. Finally Step click Reset settings.

chrome err_connection_closed - fix

5. Restart Chrome.

Method 3.  Reset TCP/IP settings

Resetting your network connection could sometimes help fix a connecting closed error. Press the Windows key followed by R to open the the Run dialogue box. Enter “cmd” to open the command prompt.

Input the following commands into the command prompt window, and press Enter after each of them.

nbtstat -r 
netsh int ip reset 
netsh winsock reset

Reboot the computer after making these changes , and see if you are still experiencing the error. You may also assign a static IP addresses to see if it is working.

Method 4. Reset Your Winsock protocol.

1. Open Command Prompt in Administrative mode. To do so:

1. In the Search box, type cmd or command prompt

2. Right-click on the Command Prompt result and select Run as Administrator.

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2. In the Command Prompt, type the following command and press Enter.

  • netsh winsock reset catalog

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3. Restart your computer.

Method 5. Change Your DNS settings.

– Use Google Public DNS Servers to resolve “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” errors in Chrome.

To Change DNS Settings:

1. Right-click on the active Network icon on the Taskbar (or open Windows Control Panel) and click Network and Sharing Center

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2. Select the active Network Card and then click Change adapter options.1661967442 775 fix err connection closed in google chrome solved bull repair windows 1 e1661969102480

3. Right click on your active Network Adapter and select Properties.
4. Select ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ and click Properties

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5a. Click for the radio button  “Use the following DNS server addresses:”.

5b. Type the below DNS address of the server (Google publicly accessible DNS servers) and then click OK.

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6. Final Step, Restart your computer.

Method 6. Update Chrome

If you don’t have the most recent version of Chrome installed, you might also experience disconnects periodically. Therefore, you should ensure the browser you use is current and up to the latest version, which you could accomplish by entering the following URL into the browser’s bar:


Chrome will then check whether the most current version is running and begins the process of updating when you’re using an older version. When your Chrome is current and up to the latest version, you will get an error message ” Google Chrome is up to date“:

Method 7. Reinstall Chrome

If you have not been successful with the methods listed for fixing the “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” message, your last option is to completely uninstall the browser and then reinstall it. Keep in mind that, however, the settings will be lost.


Err_Connection_Closed is one of the errors that often occur when browsing using Google Chrome. Luckily, you’ve learned how to work around Chrome’s Err_Connection_Closed.

Use the method that is most effective for you. Either by checking the internet connection, resetting TCP/IP settings, using Google DNS, to reinstalling Chrome.

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