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Fischl von Luftschloss Narfidort, also known as Fischl, also known as Prinzessin der Verurteilung, is one of the most charismatic and fun characters in the series. Genshin Dampak Impact. This Electro bow user, whose real name is actually Amy, is from Mondstadt and traveling with her friend Oz, who is a crow.

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Fischl makes a great addition to many teams, using Electro Vision, his bow, and his connection to Oz to defeat his foes. Players hoping to ascend Fischl and maximize his potential will need a certain amount of items and a little Mora. Here’s everything Fischl used to climb up, as well as what he needed to improve his talent.


Leveling Material

genshin impact fischl oz electro

Genshin Dampak Impact characters need a fair amount of EXP and Mora to reach max level 90. Here’s how much each one, including Fischl, needs between level ups.

80-90 (max)3,423,125684,800
Total:8,362,650 EXP1,673,400 Mora

Fischl will need over 8 million EXP to reach level 90. This can be done in a number of ways, but this combination of EXP mats will get him there without wasting much time:

Traveler’s Advice12
Adventure Experience11
Hero Intelligence415

Fischl Rise Items


As the Electro character, Fischl uses Vajrada Amethyst for all increments. In addition, he needs one of the local Mondstadt plants, namely Little Light Grassboss down from Electro Hypostatic known as Prism Lightningand some of them arrow dropped by the Hilichurls.

LevelGemstoneEnemy DropsBoss DropsspecialMora
201x Vajrada Amethyst Sliver3x Firm Arrow3x Small Light Grass20,000
403x Vajrada Amethyst Fragments15x Firm Arrow2x Lightning Prism10x Small Light Grass40,000
506x Vajrada Amethyst Fragments12x Sharp Arrow4x Lightning Prism20x Small Light Grass60,000
603x Vajrada Amethyst Chunk18x Sharp Arrow8x Lightning Prism30x Small Light Grass80,000
706x Vajrada Amethyst Chunk12x Weathered Arrows12x Lightning Prism45x Small Light Grass100,000
806x Vajrada Amethyst Gemstones24x weathered arrows20x Lightning Prism60x Small Light Grass120,000
  • 1x Amethyst Sliver
  • 9x Amethyst Fragments
  • 9x Amethyst Pieces
  • 6x Amethyst Gemstones
  • 18x Firm Arrow
  • 30x Sharp Arrow
  • 36x Weathered Arrow

Gemstones – Where to Find Vajrada Amethyst

Vajrada Amethyst can be obtained from events, completing daily commissions, and gift shops in Mondstadt and Liyue. However, several bosses (including the weekly boss) also drop Vajrada Amethyst upon defeat:

  • Childe/Tartaglia
  • Stormterror/Dvalin
  • Azdaha
  • Coral Defender
  • Thunder Manifest
  • Electro Hypostatic
  • Primo Geovishap

Enemy Drop – Where to Find Hilichurl Arrowheads

Unlike Hilichurl Masks, Arrowheads are not dropped by just any Hilichurl. It’s just dropping by Hilichurl Shooter, in particular. The higher the Hilichurl Shooter’s level, the better the drop.

  • Any level: Firm Arrow
  • Level 40 or higher: Sharp Arrowhead
  • Level 60 or higher: Weathered Arrowhead

Boss Drop – How to Get Prism Lightning

In order to get some of the Lightning Prisms Fischl needed for ascension, Electro Hypostasis needs to be defeated a few times.

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This boss can be found in eastern Mondstadt, in Cape of Oath. It’s immune to Electro, so using Fischl isn’t really the wisest idea here.

Local Specialty – Where to Find Little Light Grass

Fischl is one of only three characters to use Little Light Grass to ascend, the other two being Diluc and Amber. He will need quite a lot, as each character does for their local special items.

Tiny Light Grass Cans can only be found in Mondstadt. The best place to find these glowing plants is nearby Whispering Woods, although they can appear around different areas of forest and ruins in the region. From 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., they emit a faint glow, which may make them easier to spot in the wilderness.

Besides that, Flora, the young girl who runs a flower shop in Mondstadt City, is about to sell Little Lamp Grass. He kept five of them every three days, and each cost him 1,000 Mora.

It can also be planted in Serenitea Pots after seeds are obtained.

Fischl Talent Material

Fischl's talent

Of course, leveling up Fischl wasn’t the only way to increase his combat abilities. He has three talents that can be upgraded, at the cost of the following materials and Mora:

LevelBookCommon DropsFight MatsCrown of InsightMora
1-23x Teaching of Ballads6x Firm Arrow12,500
2-32x Guide to Ballads3x Sharp Arrow17,500
3-44x Guide to Ballads4x Sharp Arrow25,000
4-56x Guide to Ballads6x Sharp Arrow30,000
5-69x Guide to Ballads9x Sharp Arrow37,500
6-74x Ballad Philosophy4x Weathered Arrows1x Boreas Spirit Pendant120,000
7-86x Ballad Philosophy6x Weathered Arrows1x Boreas Spirit Pendant260,000
8-912x Ballad Philosophy9x Weathered Arrows2x Boreas Spirit Pendant450,000
9-10 (max)16x Ballad Philosophy12x Weathered Arrows2x Boreas Spirit Pendant1x Crown of Insight700,000
  • 3x Teachings
  • Guide 21x
  • 38x Philosophy
  • 6x Company
  • 22x Sharp
  • 31x weathered
x3 totals:
  • 9x Teachings
  • Guide 63x
  • 114x Philosophy
  • 18x Company
  • 66x Sharp
  • 93x weathered

Talent Book – Ballads

Fischl uses Song talent book series. There are several ways to find talent books on Genshin Dampak Impact, but the main way is from the domain. The Ballad Series can be found by completing Forsaken Rift domains on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Against Materials and the Crown of Insight

Every Genshin Dampak Impact Characters use certain materials dropped by weekly bosses to upgrade their talents at higher levels. Fischl’s is the Boreas Spirit Pendant. This item can be obtained by beating the weekly challenge Wolf of the North.

A Crown of Insight is required to level up talent from 9 to 10. With three upgradeable talents, that’s three Crowns of Insight per character. Unfortunately, they are very rare. There are some that can be obtained by making offerings to the Frostbearing Tree in Dragonspine or Sacred Sakura in Inazuma, but most of them are earned as limited-time event rewards.

Genshin Dampak Impact available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices, with a Nintendo Switch version in development.

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