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Fire Staff Code – The quest to collect the four elementsal staffs to play Origins is an exciting experience. If you’re a robot shooting glowing triangles, or slaying a lot of zombies, there’s many fun riddles and challenges to conquer in order to get the four. The most difficult aspect is obtaining an upgrade for the Fire Staff, primarily due to the many challenges you’ll face in the middle of. If you’re interested in knowing more, keep reading to find out the codes to upgrade to the Fire Staff in COD: Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles.

How to Find Fire Staff Code

Similar to the other staffs, as with the others, the Fire Staff requires 3 parts one disc with a colour along with a black disc, and the Gramophone. The parts along with the disc RED and the door that leads into The Crazy Place is also RED.

Red disc location

The Red disc will always be born near the church. Locations include among the following:

  1. In the background behind the tank (move the tank if required)
  2. Church upstairs on the bench
  3. Behind the church and on a box in front of Generator 6

Black Disc

The Black Disc is used in conjunction together with the Gramophone to unlock the lower levels that is the area of excavating. It’s usually found in three places:

  1. On a box, the on the lower part of the walkway leading to an excavation area (Generator two sides)
  2. On a box, the other the excavation site’s side, near the entrance to the church
  3. The top of excavation inside a wheelbarrow alongside PaP


If you are starting the game start by scoring first, then visit the excavation site to collect the Gramophone. It’s always located on the bottom of the Pack-a-Punch next to the table .

Final Step 

If you’ve got both of items , Go to the lower part of the excavation site , Put the Gramophone on the table on the bottom then wait until the red portal begins to open. Go into the craziest place collect the crystal from the red pedestal and exit the craziness by re-building the red portal.

Then, return to the excavation site in the center then go to the lower level and then build an Fire Staff in front of the statue.

Steps to Upgrade

1. The Fire Cauldrons must be filled with water.

1 1

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Through the red portal, go to reach the craziest spot and stand on the iron grates next to the cauldrons just ahead of the exit to the fire portal. You should kill about 20-30 zombies, and be on the lookout for smoke puffs appear. Each cauldron should be lit to indicate they have been completed.

2. Solve The Fire Puzzle


The upstairs area of the church, and be attentive to the four glowing  red symbols that are on the far wall. From Left to Right, take down the appropriate numbers with the help of the puzzle answer below:

Puzzle Code:


The first number is always 11 or 5. Last number  is always 4.

Then go downstairs and find the tanks located and fire the torches at the walls (using fire staffs) Fire Staff) in the proper order, based on the numbers you saw upstairs.

3. Line up the Rings


Explore the lower part at the bottom of the dig site, and look for the four rings of a mechanical design floating around. Each ring is made up of four different gemstones on the sides. Turn each ring until all the red gemstones have been aligned.

For this, utilize the four switches that are located in the middle on the site of excavation. Every time you pull a switch, it will turn a specific ring. The switches are located on wooden walkways or next to the main walkway that leads down.

When all four red gems have been aligned and aligned, shoot the floating red orb in the middle of the rings.

4. Charged The Fire Staff

To do this, make sure you have a good weapon, most likely an AP’d model that comes with Speed Cola, Jug and possibly a shield that covers your back.

Return towards your Crazy Place using the red portal. Place the staff on the red platform. Kill 20-30 zombies in close proximity to charge the staff.

Watch for Samantha to announce “The essential fire in the world is now your to control and finish what has been started.” The work is complete, so grab the new Fire Staff and have fun! !

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