Growing an email list is one of the most important tasks that any e-commerce store owner must fulfill if he or she has the ambition to be as successful as possible.

It is important to reach a large number of people and get their personal data so you can stay in touch with them and direct them to become your loyal customers.

A smart and easy way to do this is to use popular pop ups as they can grab the attention of your visitors, retain them by including certain incentives, and even eventually make them change their mind to make a purchase.

Using an effective email popup campaign can help you collect:

  • More newsletter subscribers
  • High quality email leads
  • Valuable feedback

While there are many ideas, tips, and tools that can help you create and use the most effective email pop-up campaigns for your online store, we’ve selected some of the best for you that you can easily adopt.

So, keep reading and check out these phenomenal ideas right now!

1. Use a simple opt-out pop-up with a highly effective lead magnet to offer value to your visitors

Visitors like to feel valued, and you can show your visitors that you appreciate them by offering certain incentives in the form of a lead magnet.

Lead magnets can vary from eBooks to guides, reports, toolkits, and the like, and the most efficient way to present them to your visitors is to offer them through a pop-up window.

Pop ups are generally very useful and can be used for many purposes, and the combination of a simple pop up window with a very attractive lead magnet has proven to be a very successful strategy in business.

Timing is also an important factor in terms of pop up efficiency as visitors value more the offers that are presented to them at the right time.

One of the most commonly used triggers is the exit intent trigger which sets a window to appear just when a visitor intends to leave your website.

One of the tools that can make it easy for you to not only trigger but also create the most amazing pop ups for your shop is called Poptin.


In addition to pop ups, Poptin offers you the ability to:

  • Create embedded forms for your website
  • Send automatic email

When it comes to triggers, it offers advanced trigger options like after X seconds, after scrolling %, after X clicks, exit intent, and more.

You can set it very easily, as we can see from the settings below:

The whole point of triggering an exit intent is to stop your visitor the moment their cursor reaches near the close button and remind them of what they can get if they decide to stay on your website a little longer.

By offering them something for free, you can quickly grab the attention of your visitors.

For example, the Hatchbaby pop up offers product guides and news, and the only thing you have to do before getting all this for free is to register, that is, leave your email address.


Source: baby hatch

These pop-ups are simple yet effective, offer an engaging and relevant key magnet, and appear just when your visitors least expect to stop them from leaving and missing out on an amazing opportunity.

This is your only last chance to retain your potential customers, so you should give it a try.

2. Use popup lightbox with attractive design and beautiful images to leave your visitors breathless

Your visitors are visual creatures which means that the aesthetic appearance of your pop ups is very important if you want to attract them.

Using a pop-up lightbox is an ideal strategy to focus attention on your offer because when this type of pop-up appears, the rest of your web page will fade away automatically.

This system directs the attention of your visitors to the offer and provides better conversion opportunities.

Gingiber uses these types of pop-ups as a way to garner more subscribers, and they also offer exclusive coupon codes as we can see below:


Source: ginger

Gingiber pop-ups also have a cute and memorable design, which is important if you want to attract as many visitors as possible and turn them into your customers.

You need to incorporate something unique, special, or even funny into your overall design to make it more likable and not easily forgotten.

Your design should almost have a personality, something that only you as a brand have.

Good visual appeal is very important when creating pop-ups because it’s the first thing your visitors see when they enter your website, it grabs their attention even before the awesome offer does.

So, apart from your highly visible pop up lightbox, try your best and work on your design, but also experiment a bit and try to use interesting and relevant images to spice it up.

Your pop-up design should include:

  • Bold and easy-to-read offers
  • Minimum number of form fields
  • Relevant and beautiful images

Your offer should be clear and simple and should be centered as it is very important for your visitors to understand everything that is written quickly.

Form fields should be kept to a minimum as they don’t need to be overly complex – just one form field you need to collect your visitor’s address with a ‘Submit’ CTA button next to it.

Make your pop-ups pleasing to their eyes, and you’re one step closer to getting more subscribers than ever.

3. Optimize your email pop-up campaigns for mobile devices to reach more customers and provide them with a great user experience

When you create an email campaign for your ecommerce business, ignoring user experience is the biggest mistake you can make.

Today, people spend 90% of their time on mobile, and that’s why you need to create email campaigns that are just as effective and responsive on desktop and mobile.

By optimizing your email popup campaigns and making them work flawlessly on mobile, you can provide the user experience that a large number of your visitors and potential customers deserve.

The biggest mistakes that can happen when creating a pop-up campaign are:

  • Unresponsive
  • Low quality design
  • Slow loading

No one wants to waste their time and patience on slow loading pages with low quality forms because people want to do certain tasks quickly without getting distracted.

Beyondyoga has a completely mobile-friendly pop-up and they also offer their visitors the opportunity to subscribe and receive a welcome gift:


Source: beyond yoga

When creating phone-optimized pop-ups, you need to pay attention to the small screen size and limited space and give your visitors full care.

They should be able to see and read everything well and without difficulty.

With mobile-optimized pop-ups, you get the opportunity to reach a large audience, which is absolutely essential for a business to reach its peak.

4. Personalize your pop-up emails as much as you can to make your visitors feel special and as if you made an offer just for them

As we said, people like to feel valued but they also want to feel that they are special so their offerings have to be special too.

In other words, the offer you make to surprise them should seem like it was tailor-made for them personally.

That’s why you need to take every opportunity to gather as much information as possible about what your potential customers like and do and segment your audience, but that can be a problem if you’re just starting to collect email addresses.

This is where certain tools like Poptin can be of great help.

In addition to advanced trigger options, this tool offers advanced targeting options that allow you to target audiences by:

  • Search engine
  • Social network
  • country
  • Specific website pages

You can choose whether you want to target desktop and mobile users, and you can see all the options very easily by clicking the Show advanced view rules button:


Source: Poptin

There you can choose your targeting options and know enough about your visitors to be able to customize your pop-ups.

Your visitors will appreciate this attitude and are more likely to accept a particular offer and move on to take further action.

Your email pop-up should be as friendly and personal as possible because that is what will make the difference and help create a special bond between you as a brand and your potential customers.

An example of how you can use pop-ups for those who, for example, found your website via Pinterest looks like this:

image 1

Personalization plays an important role in showing your visitors that you know them, that is, that you know what they want or need, which is especially important if you aim to attract as many of them as possible.

Owning an ecommerce store includes being more personal with your customers, so if you plan on using all the benefits of pop-up emails, use the right tools and set your targeting options carefully.


There are plenty of tips and ideas on how e-commerce store owners should handle email pop-up campaigns and what’s the best way to present your offerings to your visitors, but some of the ones we presented to you just now are game-changing, for sure.

Growing an email list is essential for any ecommerce business, and with the right triggers, design elements, and compelling offers, your email pop-ups will prove to be very useful for that.

If you need a tool that will make it easier for you to set advanced triggering and targeting options for your pop-ups, try Poptin.

Poptin can also help you create beautiful pop-ups for your website to engage your visitors quickly and easily.

Take a look at these ideas and create the most effective email pop-up ever!

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