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EASY! How to Set a Live Wallpaper on Your Phone!

EASY! How to Set a Live Wallpaper on Your Phone!

If you find this article means you’ve read an article that I’ve read before, if it hasn’t been, its okay, today I’ll tell you how to set a live wallpaper on your phone, but before getting to the core of the discussion, you should know what a Live Wallpaper really is? Live Wallpaper is actually a video with a short and repetitive duration with the right size on the phone, so it is like an image but moving, but if we research it has a VIDEO format, such as MP4.

Before you apply a live wallpaper on your phone, there are a few things you should know. Live wallpaper sets will make your phone more attractive, look really cool and don’t get tired of staring at your phone for a long time, it’s an advantage, but the live wallpaper set also has a drawback that your hp battery will be quickly wasted, driving it will also increase CPU and RAM usage.

Now, you know? and if you decide to do and try the live wallpaper, I will teach you, because the way is very easy and does not take long

Set up a Live Wallpaper that’s already on your phone. if you don’t already have a live wallpaper, you can download it on pinterest, there are a lot of cool live wallpapers one of them here Nadiya Mudah,then read this article : How To Download Live Wallpapers On Pinterest

Download the named app Video Live Wallpaper , Please iInstall and open the app.. (I just found on android, for iphone there may be the same app, comment if you know)

On the Main Menu click “Choose Video

Then select one video to make a live wallpaper

Then click the icon I gave the arrow

Next click make ‘Home Screen and Lock Screen

Finish, and BOOM! Live Wallpaper is installed on your mobile screen!

well so that’s how to set a live wallpaper on hp, now your phone will look cool and you can show off to your friends, to get more live wallpaper, you can visit the link above, it’s my personal pinterest account, thank you

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