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Essay is a narrative about a certain topic. In the scholarship application process, there are several types of essays, such as motivation letters, study plans, letters of statements, and others. For example, the LPDP scholarship requires that you write 3 types of essays, namely “The Greatest Success in My Life”, “Contribution to Indonesia”, and “Study Plan”. So, do you know the tips for writing a good essay to apply for a scholarship?

All examples of complete scholarship essays are guaranteed to find these two things. Of course, it is also necessary for you to cheat in order to have a weighty essay.

  • To make it easier to understand the meaning of this essay, here is a list of its general characteristics:
  • The essay has prose form and uses the language used to communicate in everyday life.
  • Essays are short essays so they can be read in one go.
  • Essays do not always have a complete structure, their subjective nature frees the author to include only the main points.
  • Although the structure of the essay is not complete, it must include an introduction, development, and closing.
  • Essays have individual characteristics, so they contain the expressions, attitudes, and thoughts of the author himself.

When writing an essay for a scholarship application, write it honestly according to what you plan to do. You must be confident in presenting your abilities and advantages, but also remain realistic and have targets. Write down clear and concrete steps on how you will achieve your plans for the future.

Write uniquely
Unique essays are not only different in writing, but also the aspects raised have more value in the eyes of the selection committee. Essays should not be copy-pasted, so as not to give the impression that you are not serious. How to write a unique essay? This does need a process. For beginners, it will take at least a few days to prepare a mature essay. You may want to start by sharing your background, why you are interested in the scholarship, and why the selection committee should choose you. Maybe it can also be explained, what will be done if you succeed in getting a scholarship and the next steps.

Create closeness
You must win the favor of the selection committee to increase your chances of winning a scholarship. A good essay is not only unique, but also captivating. As the audience, the selection committee will read carefully the essay you wrote. This is where the element of closeness needs to be created, so that the selection committee is increasingly convinced that the right person for the scholarship position it is looking for is you.

Those were the tips for writing essays for scholarships from Schoters. If you’re still confused and need help writing a great essay, Schoters can help you! You will be guided to make the scholarship requirements document to completion. For more info, click here!