Qiqi and Klee Live Wallpaper for Phone – Genshin Impact

Qiqi and Klee Live Wallpaper for Phone -There are a lot of characters in the impact game, yesterday I shared the genshin impact characters from Noelle and Venti, today I will share again the characters from this game, namely Qiqi and Klee, in this game there are some female characters, but these 2 characters have similarities, Loli and so adorable.

QIQI – Genshin Impact

Qiqi is a  apprentice and herb gatherer at bubu pharmacy, several hundred years ago qiqi was gifted by an immortal body by adepti, yes she is a zombie, one of qiqi’s weaknesses is that she is very forgetful, she has to command his own body to act, she also has to carry a book wherever she goes to write down something important in his life, but sometimes she also forgets to read the notes. at night qiqi sometimes did exercises on his feet so that he could walk like a normal human.

So, long time ago, qiqi was a herbal picker, when she was taking herbs there was a battle between adepti and the devil, she ran to find a safe place, unfortunately, the effect of the fight was on qiqi and she was trapped in a state of life and death, on the verge of death of him, qiqi wished for time because he didn’t want to leave the family and thought “how great would i be if i could stop time”, qiqi’s tears made adepti and demon stop and adepti could not bear to see a child die in front of him then they gave his strength to make qiqi can’t die till now.

QIQI So Adorbale

Qiqi Genhsin Impact (Source:Pinterest.com)

QIQI and Klee – Very Adorable 100%

Qiqi and Klee Genhsin Impact (Source:Pinterest.com)

KLEE – Genshin Impact

Klee is a loli woman who has explosive skills, she is a member of the Knight of Favonius, she often spends her time in the Knight od Favonius room to experiment and prepare her supplies.

Just like other kids, Klee is very energetic, likes to play and often throws bombs at the fish in the river, unfortunately Klee is very careless sometimes, he forgets that his bombs can hurt other people, so Jean sent him to the solitary confinement, so he aware of his actions.

Klee himself uses a Catalyst type of weapon. Klee is also a five star character.

Klee With Adorable Face

Klee Genhsin Impact (Source:Pinterest.com)

Klee Drawing – So Adorable

Klee Genhsin Impact Drawing (Source:Pinterest.com)

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