How to Download Live Wallpapers on Pinterest

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How to Download Live Wallpapers on Pinterest
Pinterest also has many funny videos from various categories, For example, such as Wallpapers from Genshin Impact Game, Honkai Impact Gamr, Arknight Game and many other characters, there are also Live Wallpapers from Popular Anime with Beautiful and Badas characters.

One that many users like is Live Wallpaper, actually this Live Wallpaper is not the original photo, it is a photo that has been edited into a video , so if you download it he has a video format.

on pinterest downloading a live wallpaper is not as easy as downloading a photo, if our photo or image can save it easily, but if the video, pinterest does not provide it, so you need a 3rd party to do it, if you do not know how to listen to this article until it is finished.

How to Download Live Wallpapers on Pinterest

To get a live wallpaper is actually very easy, you just need to copy the link from the pin.

  • First, you need to get the pin link from the live wallpaper you want to download,

If you’re using Webiste or Browser

  • All you have to do is copy the url in the adress bar

If you use the Pinterest App

  • You have to Go to the Pin you want to download, then see what I mark.
  • Click and select copy link.
  • The next step is to visit this site -> KLIK
  • Enter the Link you have copied earlier, into the available fields (look pic Above!!), then click DOWNLOAD
  • Once the process is complete there are 2 files that can be downloaded, select the first one as I mark

2-3-300x279 How to Download Live Wallpapers on Pinterest

  • Click Download on the one that has the video format (I marked it).
  • Last Step BELOW!

NOTE(Read This): Usually on the phone when you click download, you will be given a preview of the live wallpaper and it has not been saved

If the live wallpaper hasn’t saved the gallery, you will have to follow 2 more steps

  • click on what I marked

eb919a4a-d4a4-491e-aab5-49cf17922ded-138x300 How to Download Live Wallpapers on Pinterest

  • and click download, then now the live wallpaper must be saved on your phone

If you Still Confuse , Look at Video BELOW :

So Thas it How to Download Live Wallpapers on Pinterest for PC , IPHONE , ANDROID, Now that the problem is how to make it into wallpaper,Thanks

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