According to various email marketing statistics, this channel is the most effective tool for increasing sales and influencing the conversions of your marketing campaigns. While some insist that “no one reads email these days”, it remains the #1 communication channel for 85% adults and the #1 source of ROI for 59% from marketers.

What’s more, email drives more sales than social media:

61% consumers say they buy after receiving marketing emails, and 49% admit that they are waiting for an email with an offer from a brand.

With all that in mind, don’t you want to turn this power to your advantage?

Personalized and targeted, your email has every opportunity to engage consumers and get them interested in buying from you. And the CTA is one of them things you need to optimize for better conversion.

How to do it to impact your email marketing ROI?

Keep reading to find out.

design tricks to make email cta buttons more clickable

5 Tricks to Design a Clickable Email CTA Button

Here are five handy tips for designing your email CTA button in the best way. And while some may seem obvious to experienced email marketers, all five are one of the most common mistakes they make when it comes to practice.

1) Make sure it’s a button

When you write a cool email, you focus on the subject line, preheader, and body copy of the email to persuade the target to click. And while calls to action are important there too, this part of your marketing message becomes even more important when sending welcome emails, newsletters, or ecommerce messages.


Because it influences user decisions, motivates to continue and continue the relationship with your brand or reject your offer, close the email and move it to the Trash.

When using an email marketing platform for a campaign, you have several options for designing your CTA: make it an HTML link, image, or button. To influence users’ decisions and persuade them to click, make sure you select button option:

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According to statistics, it creates 45% increase clicks.

Some reasons for that:

  1. Psychological: Most people still think of links in emails as spam, so your target might ignore your link CTA.
  2. Technical: Some of your prospects won’t see the CTAs if you make them an image because they disabled images in emails.
  3. Convenient: HTML-based email CTA buttons are easier to design and control, editing their size, color and location in the email body.

So, the first trick to consider if you want to impact your email conversions is to the CTA design is like a button so that more prospects notice and decide to click.

2) Consider the color and size

Most likely you’ve heard of color psychology and its role in your brand identity and evoke certain emotions from consumers. The same goes for CTA buttons in emails: Consider the color when designing to match your brand palette and bright enough for consumers to see where to click.

Due to the mentioned color psychology, experts determined the two best colors for CTA buttons in emails: orange and green.

1647867393 280 design tricks to make email cta buttons more clickable

Orange for friendliness, and green for peace, make both colors perfect for building trust and evoking positive emotions about clicking. Plus, both colors are bright enough for the CTA to stand out in the body of the email.

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Some insist that red is also a good color to go with because it’s about excitement and desire, while others find it aggressive and hinder performance. However, it all depends on the context here.

Whichever color you choose, depending on your brand identity and the emotion you want to evoke, keep in mind contrast and button size too:

Yes, it should stand out, regardless of your marketing goals: to grow your email list, turn customers into leads, or sell products directly through your email. But the trick is make it eye-catching, unobtrusive.

Bigger doesn’t equal better: Find the sweet spot between big and small, and don’t aggressively make a CTA stand out in hopes of more interest and clicks.

The best practice here is:

  • Choose a CTA button color that matches your brand identity.
  • Keep those colors consistent across each email so subscribers can associate them with actions and quickly recognize what to click.
  • Make your CTA button stand out more than the text of the email, but do it easily: It should also be touch-friendly for users reading your email on a mobile device.
  • Make it bright enough to identify: Leave a high contrast to the letter background.

3) Remember about the text on it

Another important element of your email CTA button design is persuasive and argumentative text you write on it. As a marketer, you can’t underestimate it:

While the color, size, and location of a CTA in an email serve to grab the user’s attention and evoke emotion, it’s the text that helps them understand whether it’s worth clicking. For your CTA text to work, please design it as follows:

  • Make it action-oriented: readers must understand what to do and what benefits they will get by clicking.
  • Use catchy verbs like “get”, “try”, “shop”, “backup”, “download”, buy,” and etc. Avoid the boring ones “Click here” or “Send,” which are only general instructions and have nothing to do with your special order.
  • Keep the text short: two or three words; Well, five words max.
  • Make the font size large enough for easy reading.
  • Consider different CTA texts for different customer segments in your sales funnel. It makes sense that “Buy now” the email button will look arrogant and untimely in the welcome bulletin, where a “Tell me more” variant will work better.

Another trick to try is to write your email’s CTA button text in the first person if your brand tone allows it: Use “me” and “me” instead of “you” in button copy. As an example:

  • “Give me my book,” no “Take your book”
  • “Yes, I want content,” no “Fetch your content”
  • “Send me the equipment,” no “Try your kit”
  • “Show me how,” no “Learn how”
1647867393 563 design tricks to make email cta buttons more clickable

Such personalization ever produces 90% clicks increase for Unbounce, so why not test it out and give it a new lease on life now?

4) Find your email CTA correctly

The first rule of the email marketer club is: You do not enter more than one CTA in one email. The second rule of the email marketer club is: You DO NOT enter more than one CTA in a single email.

The third rule of the email marketer club is: To make sure your CTA is engaging but not distracting, find it right.

First, as for the number of CTA buttons in the email:

“More options, more opportunities to pick and click” doesn’t work here. The sheer volume of your CTA can confuse or overwhelm users. Please keep in mind the attention ratio in marketing: It should be 1:1 of what someone can do on the page vs. what do you want them to do.

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The more choices you give them, the more likely you are to lose their attention. Plus, you run the risk of triggering one of these effects because you have so many options:

  1. Choice paralysis: The more choices we have, the more challenging or even lower motivation it’s for us to make a decision.
  2. Buyer’s Regret: The more choices we have, the easier it is for us to regret a decision, thinking it might be wrong.

So if you want users to decide and take action, give them a live CTA to consider.

However, as is often the case in marketing, there are a few exceptions to the rule:

  • Feel free to do some calls to action if it leads users to same page.
  • Consider some CTAs in an email if it’s about ecommerce promote some products/services. If so, design your email accordingly: break it up into sections, each with a different call to action. This will make it more convenient for users to scan your emails and understand about each area.
1647867394 73 design tricks to make email cta buttons more clickable

And now, for the email CTA location:

Best practice is to place it “above the fold” for readers who don’t like scrolling to see it. Another tip depending on your target’s preferred device for reading emails:

  • For desktop users: Place the CTA to the right of the email text and image.
  • For mobile users: Place a CTA front-and-center or consider the top-left corner of your email as some Android apps only show this section.

The exact location of your email’s CTA button is a guarantee that all contacts will see it, regardless of their device and reading habits.

5) Add white space

add white space It’s a good practice to surround a CTA button in an email: It separates it from text and other elements, creates a visual focus for readers and makes the button stand out.

1647867394 401 design tricks to make email cta buttons more clickable

And speaking of mobile users, white space also has a more practical function: It creates an extra area around the text, making it easier for fingers to click.


When it comes to email click-through rates, every detail matters, and the design of your email CTA button is just as important: Its color, size, location and text can make all the difference to your overall marketing campaign.

Best practice here:

  1. Design as a button, not a link or image.
  2. Consider your brand identity, color psychology and contrast when deciding on button colors and sizes.
  3. Use action-oriented, engaging, and concise text for your CTA buttons.
  4. Choose the right place for it in the body of your email: Make sure it looks and works well on desktop and mobile devices.
  5. Add white space to separate the CTA from other elements of your email and make it stand out.

If you want to go further in email design, you can also try interactive email elements and animated CTA buttons. This latest email marketing trends can help you engage customers, trigger action, and get feedback from them.

And once you have a content strategy developed, you can automate emails with the help of online marketing tools and choose the one that suits you best.

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