KAWAI and ADORABLE! Azur Lane Mobile Game Live Wallpaper

Mobile Gaming is indeed a platform that is in great demand by developers today. Since the popularity of the Kantai Collection in 2014, more and more developers have developed games that focus on inanimate objects such as swords in Touken Ranbu and Japanese castles on Shirohime Quest.

As if talkative, developers from outside countries also follow the flow of mobage. Including one of them is Manjuu and Yongshi, the game developers who came from China made a game that was inspired by the popularity of the Kantai Collection, namely Azur Lane.

Azur Lane is a war-themed mobile game about ships that are transformed into beautiful and cute women. These cute ships are armed with various weapons, such as pistols, torpedoes, missiles and airstrikes.


Graphics are one of the elements that are unique to every mobile game. Of course, the art of Azur Lane is the main reference when players decide to play or not. Azur Lane has succeeded in presenting a ship modification that is not only unique, but also memorable. Not only that, Azur Lane also provides cute chibi sprites for their ships in its gameplay, so that every battle remains exciting.


This is the most important aspect of Azur Lane that differentiates this game from its competitors. Azur Lane combines elements of strategy with shoot-em-ups into its gameplay. When entering the campaign, the chibi character of your ship will represent your position, after which you must choose to advance to the area you want to go to.

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In the game Azur Lane has many cool characters that you can have, because of the many characters, lots of cool wallpapers that were made, I will also share some of the live wallpaper characters from Azurlane below.

Best Live Wallpaper KAWAI from AZUR LANE Game

Noshiro Azur Lane


Download Azur lane Live Wallpaper

Enterprise Christmast Azur Lane

enterprise christmas

Download Azur lane Live Wallpaper

Ibuki Azur Lane

ibuki Download Azur lane Live Wallpaper

Laffey Azur Lane


Download Azur lane Live Wallpaper

Nagato Azur Lane


Download Azur lane Live Wallpaper

Siren Azur Lane


Download Azur lane Live Wallpaper

Suzuya Azur Lane


Download Azur lane Live Wallpaper

Bismarcks Azur Lanebismarcks

Download Azur lane Live Wallpaper


so thas it live wallpaper design from azur lane game , i hope you like it, thank you


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